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A Work Week With Angelia Wu - Director of Spa Operations at The Temple House

Think working in one of the most sublime hotels in China is all glitz and glam? Well, here Angela Wu spills some secrets of her uber enviable job.




I start the day by checking on my kitten, MEOW! He’s an American Shorthair from Chengdu, and I’ve named him 饭团 (Fan Tuan; Rice Ball) as it’s the only name that he responds to. I spotted him from the window at a pet store, and just couldn’t resist bringing him home with me. Once I’m sure that he’s fed and taken care of, I get to work and grab a hot cup of Americano from The Temple Café at The Temple House – they serve such fragrant coffee and sometimes I can’t help but pick up some of their freshly baked pastries as well. Once I’ve downed my coffee, I’m all perked up and ready to face the challenges of the day. I can’t get started without my daily caffeine fix, so if I’m not working I love getting a cuppa from the MOKA Bros – one of my favourite cafés in Taikoo Li.



Today my afternoon is spent bonding with my team either in the canteen of The Temple House. I place a high emphasis on teamwork and ensuring everyone feels like they’re appreciated, so bi- monthly I bring the team out for some fun team activities. This Chinese New Year, we had a reunion dinner at my place with a satisfying steamboat hot pot. We also painted together and gave our paintings to each other as gifts! This July, we’ll be going for a pottery class. These bonding sessions are very important to me, and make me so happy when my team are having a good time unwinding together.




After lunch, normally I like to catch up with work – My work day is filled with team interactions between our beautiful urban MI XUN day spa and our gorgeous indoor Pool & Gym. I check on the team and the surroundings, get involved in the trainings for the different treatments and formulate new ideas with the team for The Temple House’s activities – which I love the most. For example, at The Temple House we research and create our very own sugar, salt, coffee exfoliation scrubs, coconut balms for lips and cuticles which are educational and sustainable. We also have an amazing Check-in to Chengdu discovery experience for our guests to take part in that give them the opportunity to actively explore the city by foot or bike, before unwinding in the MI XUN spa and refuelling with healthful dishes, such as vegan Sichuan hotpot and specially selected green teas at the Teahouse.



After a long day at work like today, I like to take a relaxing walk home, and if I have some free time, I check out the new spas around town to keep up to date with the latest trends and experiences. When I go in to a spa, I take note of the ambience of place. The entire customer service experience at The Temple House’s MI XUN spa is incredibly important to us, so I observe how pro-active the staff are in approaching me to start a conversation and making suggestions that might lead to a sale, and compare that to how we’re doing. I also look at the type of products that the spa uses, which brands they are from, and the latest technology. I also note how the room is set up, and whether or not it’s inviting or invokes feelings of rest and relaxation which is important in any spa.



After a busy week at work, I wrap up the work week with some deep conversations with my kitten about any new skincare products that I wish to try, or my latest travel plans before falling asleep. Ha! I’m travelling to Perth in July for a family reunion and then Paris in December. Spa visits are a must while I am on holidays as it really completes the entire getaway experience for me. A spa day has so many health benefits like purifying your body and improving your blood circulation, which in turn improves many other conditions like aching joints and stiff muscles that can occur from aging or sitting in an office the whole day. That’s why at the MI XUN spa, we provide many rejuvenating treatments from our expert team of knowledgable therapists to help guests look and feel the best way they can be on their holiday.


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