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A Work Week With Christian Serafini, Creative Director of La Maison Des Stars

What does it take to be considered one of the brightest hairdressing stars around? Read on and find out.




Today, I am focused on perfecting my technique. Being a great hairstylist means constant self-improvement. Every client that walks into La Maison Des Stars is different, they have different hair types, different lengths and how their hair falls to shape their face is different. Every day I analyse the hair and facial features of my clients, I ask them what they would like to have done, and think of the best ways I can apply my technique to make them look and feel the best way possible. Depending on the condition their hair is in, I also recommend treatments and ways to maintain the health and strength of their hair long after they’ve left the salon. There are always points for growth, and I’m a perfectionist so while my clients are always happy, I’m always looking into new ways to make my work better in order to ensure that they are always more than satisfied. My clients trust me, and I work hard to repay the faith that they have in me.



The first thing I do in the morning is I get myself a fresh green juice and a sandwich from French bakery near the Fullerton. It’s the perfect place to get inspired for the day before heading over to the salon. While I eat, I often scroll through social media and the internet, and keep up with the latest hair news, trends and products. It’s important to stay updated in the ever changing beauty industry to ensure you don’t get left behind.



Today, I start the day with basic prep work. When I come into the salon, I make sure that it is tidy and the workstation is neat. I run through the list of clients that we’ll have for the day, and ensure that we have all the necessary supplies ready for them. I talk to my team, and make sure we’re all on the same page, feeling motivated to deliver amazing results. When you work together, you see each other almost every day, so I do my best to make sure that work also feels like home and family – we encourage each other, teach each other and help each other to grow. My team is very dedicated, and we all share the same vision of producing an A-list experience for all our clients, the kind they would experience if they were a Hollywood star in Beverly Hills.



After a long day at work, I enjoy taking a stroll along the Singapore River before heading home or grabbing a bite. Sometimes I have a drink at my favourite bar to unwind for the day. I often use this time to reflect on the work I’ve put into each client and think about what I can try the next time that will be new yet visually stunning. Ever since I was a boy, my passion has always been hair, and I hope that this has translated well across all whose hair I’ve had the pleasure of cutting and styling. When I cut celebrities hair, it was a wonderful feeling when they told me that they loved it – I want to bring that kind of feeling to all clients who visit my salon.



Today I am busy styling the hair of a beautiful bride and her lovely bridesmaids. She will be getting married at The Fullerton Hotel, and my team and I are excited to make the bride look as breathtaking as possible. I envision soft and elegant waves in her hair that highlight her best features. I give her hair a trim to get rid of any split ends and add natural volume, and my colourist recommends balayage highlights and one of our Star Treatments to add a healthy shine to her hair. Her bridesmaids also get their nails done by our talented manicurist. It’s a long day, but very fulfilling and I really love that they were all very pleased with the results. I’m already looking forward to what the next week has in store.