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A Work Week With Dr Iroshini Chua of Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

As we gear up to International Women's Day, BLLNR is putting the spotlight on the female entrepreneurs who inspire us most. Take Dr Iroshini Chua for example, as well as a busy family life, she is heavily involved in charity and alongside her husband, has just opened one of the chichest and most cutting-edge Aesthetics Clinics in Singapore. Here's a week in  her life. 





I am an early riser and on a Monday morning, I literally hit the ground running! Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics is located in International Building, a short walk from Tanglin Club where you will see me elevating my adrenaline levels on a treadmill. After a shower and change, I dash out to our clinic and lie down at the pretty pink Dahlia room for my weekly Venus Freeze and HydraFacial for an instant lift and glow to face my patients for the week. (So far it sounds like tough work, right?!)

Then, our team aka “Drs Chua family”, (consisting of my husband Dr Kevin Chua, our therapists, some who have worked with us for over a decade and myself, huddle together to run through everything from rostering of staff, messages, the days appointments and allocation of therapy rooms for our patients. (Today, we must ensure “Mrs A” goes for her toilet break prior to her Ultherapy and is safely inside Bryony Room before “Mrs B” arrives in the clinic. (We prefer to keep numbing cream slathered faces concealed behind closed doors!)

Mondays are busy for us performing procedures such as laser pigment removal, tattoo removal, injectables such as Sculptra for volume restoration, body contouring such as CoolSculpting.  Among my many tasks, I am also the traffic warden to direct patients and Dr Kevin from room to room. It’s a fast-paced day but I still manage to make it on time to celebrate a fellow “Ex’s” birthday. She fondly named us the Ex’s as we are fellow Ex-presidents of the Association of Women Doctors of Singapore.




I pop my tablets for healthy skin (currently on GLOW and Pynocare to lighten and brighten) and head to the gym to focus on upper body strength. (Injecting scars and thick resistant skin with open-pores can be quite taxing on fingers and hands I will have you know!) Today I am the hand model for a social media post on the sun block from our skin care range Dr Kevin Chua Aesthetics. I held it in front of the mirror and waited for Kevin, who is an avid photographer, to take a photo so I can describe its ingredient, benefits and the wonderful scent for the post. Then, together we scrutinized the months SEO and SEM trends and expenditure and sent out an email to our digital support team with our inputs. A curve ball came in the form of our daughter turning up at the clinic with a friend after school asking me to accompany them to buy CNY decorations for their class. You never know when mummy duty calls! Kevin graciously agreed to hold the fort while I stepped out to Orchard Road for an hour with the girls. Another day of consultations and procedures progressed seamlessly and we graciously accommodated the last-minute GP patient. We are a little late for our weekly “sashimi-Tuesday” with the kids but we know they are mature enough to understand our less than predictable schedule.





It was 5 days after Dr Kevin Chua has used PicoWay laser treatment to blast off the pesky sunspots I had developed after an overdose of sun exposure from Egypt over Christmas. The last of the pigment peeled off and I was happy I had a lunch date with a friend to look forward to! (bright daylight + spotless face = confidence!) Hump days are slightly slower so I have some time to write my travel article. (I contribute to various publications). I love to do spot checks on crisp white sheets (they must be changed after each patient), eyeball product sales of our skin care brand in Sri Lanka, study our enquiries list and make sure our clinic media coverage on magazines and papers has been shared on our social media handles and properly archived. This is the time I get to answer media enquiries and provide answers to interviews on the latest offering in the aesthetic industry. Kevin and I also schedule patients from Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association on Wednesdays for tattoo removal as a means of giving back to society of some of our talents that God has blessed us with. Sometimes I even nip off to CINQ Salon nearby to get my hair blow-dried. My day ends on a high rock-climbing at Novena and ruining my blow-dried hair.





I love a good Pilates stretch on Thursdays. I am glad for the core exercises because my day involves hours of back to back Ultherapy treatments and CoolSculpting assessments that has me in not the most ideal postures. I focus on in-house trials on new products and machines between our patients and decide what stays and what goes. I have the most sensitive skin so I am the ultimate test for most skin care products. Same goes for new staff training, they have to get past mine before they touch a patients face. In the evening I get around to the task of networking with influencers and beauty editors who come by to test our services and products. This week, I take up a rum tasting and cocktail making session after work hosted by a magazine. Almost everyone who meets me seem to know about our new space (thank you media and social media!) and comments on its swanky look and how tempted they are to lie down in our latest ReduStim machine to burn 650 calories in half an hour. This reaffirms our decision to move to Orchard Road after 12 years of practice elsewhere. I get a text from my client who wants to customize an engagement ring from Iroshini Jewellery that he is running late. I have an hour to freshen up before my next call of duty.




Its almost the weekend and it meet vendors, pay vendors, stock take and clinic meeting day! The occupied signs on all doors of our treatment rooms means everyone wants to look good and shape up for the weekend. Today, I have to attend the most anticipated CNY ladies lunch hosted by Nana Au Chua. I have arranged my appointments perfectly so that I can meet my friends and toss that salad in the air and be back in time to inject Rejuran healer on a face to close the pores just after Kevin injects Rejuran eye for the patient. Then, we go through the weeks patient feed-back at the end of the day.





Kevin and I have a big breakfast on Saturdays as it’s our busiest day and we are unlikely to get a chance to have anything more than a boiled egg and some dates. We enjoy ourselves the most when its busy cause the clinic is buzzing and there is a vibe of positivity and contentment all around by doctors, therapists as well as patients. When you look good, you feel good and its contagious! Self-confidence is the best gift we can give our patients and in my quiet time, I love to look at the before/after photos of our dear patients and feel like I have spent my week doing something useful.


PS: I look forward to my weekend with our teenage kids. A lot has happened this week with them. Our son received his O’Level results and was in a conundrum all week trying to decide between IB at ACSI and A Level at RI. (I forgot to say that I popped out of the clinic to accompany him to see the open houses with a heart of thankfulness and pride) Our daughters classmates were dating and there is a lot of girl talk that I have to catch up on over the weekend too!