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A Work Week With Evangeline Leong, CEO and Founder of Kobe Global Technologies

We spend the week with Evangeline Leong, CEO and Founder of Kobe Global Technologies.



With AI being one of the most talked about advances in technology in the past decade, sometimes it's good to put a face behind the people creating the tech. With that in mind, we spend a work week with Evangeline Leong, CEO and Founder of Kobe Global Technologies - an AI-technology influencer management platform.



Today, I will be focusing on preparing my speech for the talk at SIM tomorrow. The talk will primarily be on digital marketing and sharing with the students on how they can navigate the digital space. I am excited to share this topic with the students especially on influencer marketing where it is still relatively new in the Singapore industry. As there are still many misconceptions formed about this industry, there would be a need to educate people more about it.

As Monday is also the first day of the week, it is the day where we will have our weekly all-hands meeting to look at key metrics for the company across all different functions,  understand the company’s current progress and knowing what this whole week entails. It is a day where I not only understand the things that happened last week but also planned about what I am going to do for this week. We celebrate every little thing achieved and share ideas that may be helpful for the team.

Recently, we did a vote on our upcoming exercise activity and I am excited on what’s coming up for us which is…today! We will be doing Pilates and I reckon I am going to have a good sweat out session with muscle sores all over me tomorrow.



Today, I giving a talk at SIM! Although I’ve given speeches before, it still excites me to give one because every speech is different, the people I meet are different too. Being able to share my knowledge with the students empowers me.

After the talk, I have a meeting with my content strategists. This is usually where  we get to brainstorm ideas for the upcoming campaigns. Whatever ideas that come into our mind, we will throw it out and ta dah, a new idea is born. I believe that through exchanging ideas and opinions, we would discover something more, something greater.

An example would be Initially, we were cracking our heads hard as we were thinking of how to spread word-of-mouth in an effective manner. After discussion, we decided to get influencers with specific criteria to talk about the roadshow on the very day.




This conference is where industry experts gather together to share and exchange knowledge. Apart from the industry experts, companies who are keen in learning more about what’s currently going on are welcome too! Being able to share my passion with the others, I am truly grateful for it. I get to learn a thing or two from this talk too.

After the session, I head back to my office to prepare for final interviews with shortlisted candidates. Unlike the usual interview that you may thought of it to be I will try and make the interview as interactive as possible. This is to see how they behave and think. We hire for values over skills, so it’s important to know them as individuals over what their experiences is.

To me, teamwork is an important factor as no one man can handle everything alone. A good team produces good work and that would mean being able to connect with the colleagues. In Kobe, there is no hierarchy involved, we are a flat organization.




Today, I am feeling excited because I will be visiting Facebook office. It’s my first time visiting their new office and I am totally excited for it. The pictures that I’ve always seen people posting about, finally I get to see it with my own eyes! It was really an eye opener for me.

With 4,000 influencers in our database, we are constantly thinking of ways to engage the community. With Facebook and Instagram being the mostly used social media platform in Singapore, we would like to initiate a potential collaboration with Facebook to organise a session for our influencers. As the algorithm is constantly updating, it will be a good opportunity for the influencers to better understand how the platforms work and knowing what’s the upcoming content creation tools so they can create better content for their followers.




Today is another event for me and this time it's Digital Divas 2018.This event is organised by Econsultancy to honour female leader in the field of digital marketing. I am really privileged to be invited as the speaker to share my view on digital marketing, especially on influencer marketing.

What is even more exciting is that I will get to meet other female leaders to learn from them on digital marketing space. I believe it is going to be a great session for both the speakers and the audiences.