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A Work Week With Hirzi Zulkiflie — Actor, Comedian and Creative Director

BLLNR spotlights Hirzi Zulkiflie in a new online series about a week in the life of working professionals.

Hirzi Zulkiflie gained popularity from his Youtube channel, Munah Hirzi Official, which now has over 140,000 thousand channel subscribers. With more than 31 million views collectively, his videos, produced with creative partner-in-crime Maimunah Bagharib, range from skits to music parodies and dance covers.

Here, the energetic star (who just turned 28) shares, in his own words, what the work week of a creative director, scriptwriter, comedian and all-round showman looked like as he was preparing for one of his biggest weeks of the year — Hari Raya.

Today, I am focused on… 
leisurely planning my week schedule.

I spend about 45 minutes trying to wake up, snoozing my phone for what seems like the 45th time while contemplating the meaning of life. I often ask: "Why? Why me?" on beautiful Monday mornings. If I wake up slightly earlier than usual, I would spare a few additional minutes regretting the late supper I had the night before. The next thing I know, I’m at work, championing on with caffeine in my system. Legend has it that if you cut me, I’ll bleed coffee.

I work a 9 to 5 job as a creative director for a digital marketing production studio. On top of that, this week, I have three client videos for my personal Youtube Channel to edit; one event performance to perfect; celebrity styling for four people; and Hari Raya weekend! It sounds like I have too much on my plate for just a span of one week but I’m a self-professed glutton, and my appetite for achieving goals within a timeline is never sated.

Today, I am focused on… a celebrity styling.

Tuesday mornings seem to make me want to stay in bed longer for some odd reason. But I get up, eventually, and get stuck in traffic. I document the jam I am stuck in, in a series of InstaStories. People must know! I am not late by choice! Truth is, I’ve not done my laundry in two months and was deciding on what to wear. Looks like I only have winter wear so I donned a turtle neck. To make the look work, as if it was actually an artsy decision, I paired my outfit with a hat. Hipster mode on.

I squeeze in a bit of styling work during lunchtime for a midweek red carpet event. I will be styling four celebrities: Nadiah M. Din, Farisha Ishak, myself and a talent I hired. Success! I think my talent and I look like we belong in Hollywood. Pretty sure the other two did too.

Today, I am focused on… slaying.

With my Chi Chi Von Tang wardrobe clutched under my arm, I came to work to slay. I head to my gym to change. As for my hair? No problem. For the price of SGD$160 a month, I have a bathroom, sauna, tanning bed and a hairdryer for anytime of the day, every day of the year, courtesy of the gym! I don’t need a fancy salon. I spray on my industrial-strength Goodlook Hair Spray Gold. It works. My hair stays in place and I’m ready for my red carpet event.

Today, I am focused on… perfecting a dance routine.

Almost the end of the work week and I am glaring down most commuters. I hate everything that breathes at this point. I receive a text from my sister and she says the baju kurung I got her has finally been delivered. Unfortunately, it’s not in her size. I have to fix this.

I spend the whole day powering through at the office. In the evening, I assemble with my dance crew to go through our full routine for Pink Dot 2017. We gather and at the briefing, I tell them that we have to do a Super Bowl-level kind of performance. They laugh at me, but I was super serious about it.

Today, I am focused on… getting ready for Raya.

It looks like we’ve made it! Look how much we’ve done—Oh crap! Tomorrow’s Hari Raya and I have not secured my sister’s Raya outfit. How dare I call myself a stylist! A quick scramble to the Ramadan Bazaar and I manage to settle the fashion dilemma. I have plenty more to do, such as edit my videos, but I head home instead to sleep.

Today, I am focused on… uploading a video.

I rush through the final touches of a Hari Raya-themed video post then go ahead to clean the house for Hari Raya while performing the ’Run The World’ routine in front of the mirror from time to time. I really am giving it everything I’ve got. There will be entertainment this Raya! I finally upload the video. The tradition lives on.

Today, I am focused on... doing chores and cleaning the house.

I wake up to the smell of burnt lontongs (rice cakes). My poor mum fell asleep after a day of serving 40 guests at our home. So now, I’ve been assigned the task of heading to the supermarket to find instant lontongs. #SoMilennial. Got back and the home is still in a ruckus, so I powered through an intensive cleaning session, just in time for us to welcome the first guest of the day.

Now, just 10 more gruelling hours of dealing with relatives during the festivities! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I am up past midnight. But here comes my best friends: Munah, Sandra Riley Tang, Fuzz, Osz and Irfan. And guess what? I forgot my birthday coincides with Raya this year! Lontongs and cakes for everybody!


Hirzi Zulkiflie posts regular videos on his Youtube channel: MunahHirziOfficial. Alternatively, follow him on Instagram @hirziofficial for live updates.

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