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A Work Week With Irma Djohan, Managing Director – Partner of LHM Hotels

What does it take to be in charge of some of Asia's finest hotels? Read on to find out.



Today, I am focused on summarising and reevaluating what I have accomplished in this week’s objectives. As an individual with many lines of work, I have to be balanced in selecting my priorities. Managing Legian Hotel Management, and building another hotel in Lombok and managing a flight school in Bali is challenging yet satisfying.

In managing Legian Hotel Management, you need to be constantly aware what is happening in the market of luxury and hospitality, as the industry is rapidly growing, advancing and changing to catering to an evolving clientele.  The hospitality industry nowadays becoming very competitive as many companies are merging to become giant companies. We at LHM are focused on the upscale luxury hospitality segment that delivers personal bespoke service.

We co-invest and deliver our expertise into each property. The result is a unique property that reflects a contemporary vision of the local culture and the unique experience for our guests who appreciate the best that life has to offer, which is the luxury of a home away from home.

We are currently expanding our The Legian brand to International market, therefore we recently create LHM Global Hospitality. I am very excited that we will exploring many options in many beautiful sites not just in Indonesia but such as Labuan Bajo, Raja Ampat and Anambas, and also in Asia such as Vietnam, Laos and China.



The first thing I do in the morning is; I wake up, watch the news, check social media, and have breakfast of freshly made bread and coffee.

I start the work day by reviewing each project or task and listing down all priorities to do, have a conference call with my partners and team to make sure no delays and there are solutions for any hiccups. We face our problems every day from any angle, so you need to ensure to communicate well with your team, expressing your concern and expectations so we all have the same objectives.



My lunch is usually spent watching news or browsing the news about the travel industry. As of now we have our Wellness by The Legian programme in place, LHM is very keen to expand and open in hotels and new urban concept in cities.

With our Wellness concept, we have a studio in The Legian Seminyak, Bali and also at The Legian Sire, Lombok (opening in early 2020) that offers yoga, meditation, Pilates, PT, HIIT, Group Spin sessions, Spa and we are also grooming our new wellness garden to support our wellness.

It has always been my dream to build a one-stop Wellness centre in the middle of the city to cater to busy individuals who want to be healthy and lead a balanced lifestyle, and can go in and out of the wellness centre with all the service that you need. Facilities include; gym, spa, beauty salon, beauty clinics, restaurant, swimming pool and rooms for yoga, Pilates or meditation class etc.  Hopefully we will also have it in Singapore or Jakarta soon.



Arriving in Bali, I go straight to The Legian Seminyak to have meetings to review the financial performance to budget. The essential key to have successful company is  healthy finance management. Over the years, I have learnt how the basic principle to success is to maximise your revenues, control your costs and operations, and how you manage your capital to invest or expand your company efficiently and conservatively. With these knowledges and with the support of the remarkable The Legian and The Club team, I learn so much how to manage the company wisely.

I always looik forward to eating at the restaurant as we have recently appointed Michelin-starred chef Stephane Gortina as the new Executive Chef at The Legian Seminyak, Bali. Gortina leads the team at this iconic hotel’s brasserie The Restaurant as well as The Pool Bar and The Ocean Champagne Bar and will be launching exciting new menus and exclusive wine pairing dinners. 



We will soon be opening The Legian Sire. This new hotel opening marks the first step in the expansion of LHM.  Located on one of Lombok’s finest beaches, the 3.8 kilometre Sire Beach, the all-suite and villa resort will have staggering views towards the Gili islands, Bali’s Mount Agung and Lombok’s Mount Rinjani. Set to make one of Lombok’s most impressive and luxurious design statements, the Interiors are by Studio Affandy & Yeo, a boutique design studio whose founders Agnes Affandy and Shaun Yeo are prodigies of Indonesian design legend Jaya Ibrahim who designed the interiors of The Legian Seminyak, Bali. 

The Legian Sire, Lombok’s approach to gastronomy will make the most of its own organic fruit and vegetable garden as well as a dedicated wellness herb garden and is inspired by a belief that ‘food is medicine.’ The Wellness program will incorporate spa treatments, nutrition, fitness and highly personalised programmes curated by Wellness Concierges and delivered by expert Wellness Practitioners. Nowadays maintaining healthy lifestyle is our priority, therefore my visions is to create destination that our guess can have it all, holiday and be healthy.


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