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A Work Week With Rhyce Lein – General Manager for Singapore, GuavaPass

What's in store in a work week for the General Manager of one of Singapore's hottest fitness pass brands, GuavaPass.



If you haven't heard of GuavaPass then, quite frankly, you must have been living under a rock and if you haven't tried it - then you need to.

Taking the Singapore fitness market by storm, GuavaPass, quite simply, let's you try a multitude of the island's biggest and best classes, whenever, wherever. So, with the brand's third birthday coming up, we take an inside look at the work week of General Manager, Rhyce Lein.



Today, I am focused on preparing myself for another crazy week of classes & scheduling a photo shoot for our top 25 studio partners. It’s been a really busy month for us as we continue to celebrate our 3rd birthday, with free sweat parties every day!

My alarm goes off at 6:10am every morning, and I jump straight into a cold shower to wake myself up, before grabbing my gym bag and heading to class. Today, it’s a boxing class at STILL boxing, although I use GuavaPass to help mix up my schedule and keep things interesting. I love working out in the morning – I find it really kick starts my day and leaves me feeling focused and fresh.

On my way to work, I grab a coffee at Omotesandō, my favourite new coffee shop. By 8:30am, I’m at my desk and ready to tackle my inbox. I grab a healthy salad for lunch before shooting back to my desk to finish any admin, before a busy afternoon of catch ups with GuavaPass teams in other cities – even though we started out here in Singapore, we’re now present in 12 cities across Asia and the Middle East. As one of the first employees when GuavaPass was founded 3 years ago, it’s been crazy to see the rapid growth across the region.

Whilst my focus is primarily on Singapore, it is important for our international teams to check in with each other on a regular basis to make sure we’re all aligned on what each other are doing. I always love hearing what crazy antics my colleagues have been up to, and keeping up to speed with the fitness trends in our other hubs.



Once again, I’m up nice and early, and I take a quick snap of the sky as the sun begins to rise above the city. I’ve lived in Singapore for almost 6 years now, but that view just never gets old.

I skip my usual morning workout this morning, as I know I have some classes lined up later in the day, so I head straight to the office to work on the shoot. After a couple of meetings with the team, making sure that everything is in order for all of our upcoming community events. We’re planning Singapore’s first ever ROGA – that’s rosé and yoga – event to celebrate our anniversary.

I then head to our studio partners, Vanda Boxing, to try out one of their new classes. Part of my job involves working out at our studios to make sure their classes are up to our GuavaPass standards so we can continue to ensure an incredible user experience. After a great sweat session at Vanda, I prepare for our #GuavaTurns3 event later this evening, an Aqua Spin class at Oakwood Premier.

I often struggle to switch off in the evenings, so I click my Headspace meditation on, which really helps me to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. Our mindset at GuavaPass is that wellness is a way of life – it’s not just about going to class every day, it’s about socialising, having fun and being healthy in all aspects of life. Being able to clear your mind through meditation is a skill that I find really useful, and it’s helped me to succeed in other areas, too.



It’s a public holiday today, so our usual ‘Wellness Wednesday’ session at our office, WeWork, isn’t taking place, but I’m still focused on work.

I start my day with a run around Robertson Quay, which is pretty close to where I live. I really enjoy working out outside when it’s not too hot! I then go to JR Fitness for a Zumba session with GuavaPass, before heading to Common Man for lunch with some friends. It’s one of my favourite weekend spots.

For the rest of the day, I keep my eye on my email account whilst having a quick spring clean and enjoying the sunshine, before whipping up a chicken breast salad for myself and my housemates, which we enjoy with a cold glass of wine on the balcony.



I start my morning with hot lemon and apple cider vinegar to give my digestion a kickstart before heading out the door to meet 30 of our GuavaPass Singapore team for a group class at F45 Amoy. We love working out together, and trying new studios and classes as a team has been part of our work culture from day one. It’s great to hang out as a team outside of the office.

After a busy morning catching up with the marketing team, I pop across the road to Dosirak for lunch, before a team meeting with the entire Singapore team.

I wrap up the day with a swim and some Netflix time – my current obsession is Suits – I’m a little behind the times, I know!



Today, I’m sending out invites to our members and studios for our ROGA bash at Tanjong Beach Club. This event marks the final series of our GuavaTurns3 celebrations and we are expecting 200+ people to join us – I can’t wait!

After a crazy week of classes, I spend my lunch time getting a massage, before spending the afternoon making sure everything is set for our event tonight at Ziva and our weekend event at Studio 360.

I finish the day with a Hot Yoga class at Ziva before heading out for dinner and drinks with friends. I love trying new spots in Singapore, but always seem to end the night at Employees Only, I love the vibe there.



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