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A Work Week With Simon Beauloye - Co-founder And CTO Of Moonshot Digital

A work week in the life of Simon Beauloye - Co-founder and CTO of Moonshot Digital.



BLLNR spotlights Simon Beauloye as part of our online series on a week in the life of working professionals. Simon is the co-founder and CTO of mOOnshot digital, a marketing agency for premium and luxury brands. He’s also the Publication Director of Luxe Digital, an online magazine that explores the digital transformation of luxury.


 Prior to launching his own companies, Simon worked at Google for over 10 years. From Europe to Asia, he was responsible to grow a $1B+ product with a large international team. Simon has been awarded countless times, including by Google’s Senior Vice President and more recently by the World Federation of Marketing Professionals as one of Asia’s Top 50 Brand Leaders.




Mondays have become my favourite day of the working week since launching my own businesses. I try to keep them as meeting-free as possible, so the day is reserved for focusing on planning and getting stuff done.

I wake up around 5.30 am and go for a run while getting my daily dose of news and inspiration from my favourite podcasts. I then review my priorities for the week. I’m very much a list person, so I grab my notebook and list everything that needs to be taken care of while having breakfast at home. Even though digital and tech are heavily embedded in my daily life, there is nothing quite like writing on paper to organise what’s important.

I aim at having a clear sense of priorities for the rest of my week before 7.30 am. That’s when my one-year-old son typically wakes up and I like to spend a bit of morning time with him before continuing with my day.




Typical meeting day. As the co-founder of mOOnshot digital, I spend a lot time meeting with our existing and future clients. One of our priorities this year is to help our clients take advantage of new mobile solutions to grow their digital sales. Most of my time today is thus spent with leadership teams exploring new opportunities and prioritise projects that can significantly improve their marketing operations.

Today, I’m having lunch with ex-colleagues at Google’s office. You can’t get tired of the Google restaurants even after working there for 10 years! Beside catching up with old friends, it’s also a good way for me to keep a finger on the pulse and know what might become important for our clients in the near future.

Since launching Luxe Digital in January, I regularly speak to luxury leaders interested in being featured in the magazine. Our current issue includes a series on inspiring women leaders, so today I’m talking with a tech founder in digital luxury who is a perfect fit.

In the evening, I have dinner with members of The Luxury Network. The group meets in different locations across Singapore to connect professionals around delicious food. It’s another way for me to get a sense of how the market is evolving.




After being on the road most of Tuesday, Wednesday is spent as much as possible focused on tactical work. I reserve most of my morning for my team. We check in on their progress and have career conversations.

I’ve reserved time in the afternoon to also meet with three different startup founders I’m supporting as an advisory board member. Digital marketing is my area of expertise, but I’m curious in nature and I like to get involved with businesses that operate in completely different fields than mine. At the moment I’m working with teams in FinTech, education, and environment. Each group is truly passionate about their business vision and their excitement is contagious. I like to be actively involved as an advisor and go deep in understanding each business, so limiting my involvement to only three startups at a time seems to be the sweet spot for me.




Another day of back to back meetings. I’m joined by the mOOnshot digital leadership team to review a partnership proposal from another agency over lunch. Singapore is an amazing market in that regard. While most of our clients are operating all over Asia, Singapore is an excellent hub to collaborate and exchange with other agencies and businesses.

After lunch we’re invited to join a whiskey tasting experience with one of our partners. I do like a good single malt from time to time, so this is very thoughtful of them.

In the evening, I head over to Boat Quay for a few drinks with the Xoogler network, to meet up with other entrepreneurs and ex-Googlers. A significant portion of people who leave Google do it to launch their own business, so this is a great opportunity to exchange views and hear from other founders in different industries.




It’s time to review the week, follow up on a few important items, and assess how we’re doing against our long term goals. I spend the morning brainstorming with my team to help one of our largest clients operate a digital transformation of their business. Our focus is on digital marketing, but, for our clients, embracing digital often means readjusting their internal priorities. We thus need to think as holistically as possible about the opportunities and expected impact of digital to help them prioritise their own strategy.

At noon, I head over to ilLido at The Cliff in Sentosa with a small group of CEOs, company owners and managers for a casual lunch organised by a partner of ours. Delicious food and fascinating conversations from a broad range of industry leaders.

After lunch, I’m wrapping things up early today as we’re heading over to Bali for a long weekend. My wife and I have been to the island several times now and it remains one of our favourite places to disconnect for a few days.





By 8.30 am I am at my desk tackling the items on my list one by one. Answering emails is usually reserved for short 30 min sessions just before lunch and before my day ends so as to not get too easily distracted.