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A Work Week With Simone Heng, Class 95FM Presenter

Our new online series on a week in the life of working professionals.

Simone Heng is a broadcasting, voiceover and emcee talent. High-energy and enthusiastic, she currently hosts the afternoon show on Singapore’s leading English-language radio station Class 95FM.

Find out more as she shares, in her own words, what a typical work week of a radio presenter entails.

Today, I am focused on… prepping for the week ahead.

I love that my job is really varied and each day, and week, is never the same. I am not built for a 9 to 5 routine. I usually use Mondays to confirm any appointments I may have in the week.

The first thing I do in the morning is go for a run. I love nothing more than starting a Monday after a full eight hours of sleep with a good 5km to 7km run near my home. I then start the work day by checking my emails. I go on air at 2pm. If there are any urgent trailers to be made, I would book the production studio and go to work early to produce, write and edit trailers.

My lunch time is usually spent prepping for my radio show. I will map out each break and know what to say at all times. I usually sit somewhere quiet around the office to do this. I research on a lot of entertainment news.

After work, I would meet my intern and the PR team of a restaurant or bar in the city to shoot still images for my Instagram account. I wrap up the day with a Skype call to one of my friends. I’ve lived in Switzerland, Dubai and Australia and I always schedule these catchup sessions so that I maintain my friendships. They are super important to me.

Today, I am focused on… a photoshoot for the press.

The first thing I do in the morning is get my hair and makeup done at around 7am or 8am. My photoshoots for the press usually last for 2 hours, followed by an interview for about an hour. I would then go to a fitting for a ball gown for an event that I’d be hosting later in the week. Then, I’d rush back to the radio station by 1pm.

I go on air from 2pm to 5pm. I host the most listened-to English afternoon show in Singapore and love that the show plays plenty of hit songs. I cannot believe half the time I get paid to do what I do.

After work, I would go for a run or train with my personal trainer. I enjoy dinner at home and often post a blog entry on my website:

I schedule in a run on Wednesday mornings before breakfast. This could be followed by a shoot by our social media team for Class 95FM’s digital channels.

Today, I am focused on… personal maintenance.

Being well-groomed is a big part of a media personality’s responsibility in the Singapore market.

I try to schedule a session with my body specialists at Ardmore Aesthetics or get a trim or hair treatment at Cinq in Scotts Square. I bring a book along to read. I want to polish up on my skills, thus am readingTed Talks to learn more about writing my own speeches. I then go on air for four hours to do my show.

After work, I head straight to Pink Parlour in Capitol Pizza to get my nails done. My facialist at Simply Aesthetics is right next door so I pop by thereafter. I wrap up the day with more reading.

Today, I am focused on… attending an event.

Events are common and good for networking. It usually happens in the evening though so in the morning, I usually arrange for a voiceover job at one of the production houses in Chinatown.

Once I wrap up with work, I head to the event or launch party to mingle. After that, I head home to prepare for an Emcee role I might have agreed upon for Friday night. I transfer my script onto palm cards for easy reference. I then proceed to iron my ball gown for tomorrow’s event.

Today, I am focused on… hosting an event.

Before I head out, I pack healthy snacks into a large bag. I also pack my high heels. I proceed to do my own makeup at 9am and then visit my hairdresser at Cinq for an 11am hairstyling appointment.

From 2pm to 5pm, I am on the air again and once the work is done, I scurry to the event space to freshen up before going on stage to host the gala show until 10pm.

I wrap up the day with a glass of wine to celebrate the end of the work week, and sleep.


Simone Heng’s afternoon show on Class 95FM runs on weekdays, 2pm to 5pm. Follow her on Instagram for live updates.

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