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A Work Week With Simone Ng Of Simone Jewels

Designing jewellery has got to be a woman's dream and Simone Ng of Simone Jewels is lucky enough to put that dream into action everyday. Here we take a walk through a week in her work life and find out what its like to own your own jewellery line and how she manages work, play and family.





The first thing I do in the morning is to collect my thoughts for the week and have breakfast with my family. As I work between my Design Studio and Design Office, Monday mornings usually involve team briefing and planning for the week. I update the team on things we have to follow up and make sure everyone is aligned. Afternoons spent mostly revolve around some paperwork and fine-tuning my jewellery so that they are ready for production. Around 6 to 7pm, I’d usually head home to oversee dinner and have quality time spent with my family. As a mother of 2 teenage sons, I can’t emphasize how much I enjoy good old-fashioned family bonding over a communal dinner.




Tuesdays are usually jam-packed with customer and business partner meetings. As I am also part of the Entrepreneur’s Organisation (EO) Singapore, we meet up weekly to share on our business challenges. Aside from responding to emails and making business calls, I like to treat myself to a good lunch before getting back to work. Sometimes when inspiration strikes, I would quickly scribble my thoughts and drawings I have in mind for Simone Jewels’ next collection. Right after work on Tuesday, I spend time catching up with friends for a drink.




No Wednesdays are the same for me. Most of the time, I spend Wednesdays mentoring my team of aspiring jewellers at my Design Studio. I guide them in their sketches and give them realistic advices. As I am also involved in mentoring at Raffles Design Institute once every month, being able to communicate with youngsters who possess an artistic flair is also really inspiring for me. They’re surprisingly fulfilling to teach, and that I am happy to impart my knowledge to this group of young, talented individuals. My midweek can also get really swamped, and I make it a point for a must light jog by the river or brisk-walking!




I enjoy spending Thursdays alone where I explore ways of turning my jewellery sketches into jewellery masterpieces. When my husband is at work and children in school, I find some down-time to drawn inspiration for Simone Jewels and Jouer by Simone through reading, sightseeing and even immersing myself in learning something new. I switch to the back of my notepad and scrawl whatever comes to mind. At work, I check in with the social media team and make sure our digital strategies are met and statistics are kept healthy. Most Thursday nights are spent with my family once again.




On Friday mornings, I spend some time with my husband at our favourite café. We love our kaya toast with soft boil eggs! In between replying business emails and client-facing throughout the day, I wrap up the week with the team before getting back to the grind on Monday. At 5:00pm, I make sure my checklist for the week is ticked off and everything finalised. Evenings are usually spent with my husband. We do a range of activities together from shopping to strolling around my estate. We also talk about our next travel plan so that we have an adventure to look forward to and it motivates us to keep doing what we do.