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A Work Week With Yvette King, E! News Asia TV Presenter

BLLNR spotlights Yvette King in our online series about a week in the life of working professionals.

Yvette King

Yvette King is the host of E! News Asia, covering the hottest red carpet events across the region and interviewing Hollywood A-listers, including David and Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey, Charlize Theron, Naomi Campbell, Chris Hemsworth and more.

Here, the beautiful Korean-Australian TV presenter shares, in her own words, what her work week looked like as she was preparing for one of her biggest celebrity interviews of the year.

Today, I am focused on…. getting ready for my flight to Taiwan.

TV never sleeps, so the idea of a traditional Saturday-Sunday weekend is an alien one to me! But on the plus side, I don't dread Mondays. And how could you dread this particular Monday, when you're off to Taipei for the first time, and to interview Cruise — Tom Cruise! I've wanted to do this job for 10 years now so this is truly a pinch-me gig.

I've packed my bags with more clothes than any girl would need — I want options, people! And off I go, to a familiar place and my second home: Changi Airport. I caught around 60 flights last year so I've nailed a speedy immigration process, down to a tee.

I finally arrive at the hotel at about 8pm. My interview is at 1pm the next day so I spend the next few hours going over my scripts. Just when I thought I was ready to put on a face mask and get some much needed beauty sleep for Tommy... what's this? I need to re-write some of my questions! Back to the drawing board. I'm suddenly on the phone, chatting with my producer, reworking parts of my interview and finally we agree on the interview questions. Phew!

Time for some shut-eye and my daily routine of reading both The Guardian and The Daily Mail. I mean who doesn't love the Femail section?!

Today, I am focused on…. my interview with Tom Cruise. 

Thankfully I had a good sleep. I immediately start on my makeup. I do the same sort of makeup every time: cat-wing eyeliner and nude lips. I'm pretty quick these daysat putting my own slap on, but this time I decided that I'll straighten my hair as I had my new extensions done.

What's this now? My faithful GHD straightener I've had for eight years breaks — the plug has fallen off. I have frizzy hair so things are not looking good! I call reception and thankfully, they have a spare straightener. Crisis two averted, but I'm starting to think this trip is a little cursed. Although it couldn't be worse than that one time I had a shoe blowout when I was interviewing Alicia Vikander when Jason Bourne premiered last year. My heel strap broke and I had to ungracefully hobble out the door! So as long as this interview goes well, I'm fine with the morning shenanigans.

We all meet in the lobby and are escorted through to the media holding area. This is when you're informed the order in which journalists will be interviewing the star. So I sit and wait with just my thoughts and anxiety as company! Time seems to be going backwards, but the next thing I know my name is called.

I walk into a brightly lit room and is welcomed with the friendliest of smiles — it's TC! We have a lovely chat about his new film American Made and I realised he is such a great conversationalist. By the end of it, I have become his biggest fan. He was easy to talk to, enthusiastic and generous with his time. Ok, I'm not surprised he's still a leading man after all these years in the industry — no diva antics here at all. He even stuck around casually chatting with my producer and I for a good 15-minutes. We are both on a high. How am I going to sleep tonight? This is an Ultimate Fan Girl moment!

Today, I am focused on…. walking the red carpet.

I love red carpet days. Not only do I get to glam-up, but there's a certain kind of energy that goes hand-in-hand with the carpet. There are photographers, cameramen, stars and fans everywhere. It's just buzzing. We have a 30-minute E! Special to create, so once we hit the venue, we are rushing around, doing links and getting everything on tape. Then, it starts to drizzle. No... My hair! What's this? My last what's this moment I swear.

Tom arrives an hour early! Everyone looks confused. We soon realise it's because he's there to give as much time as possible to the people that have been waiting for him overnight and in the rain — yup, the fans. What a top bloke!

Tom and I chat for the second time. Usually on the red carpet, celebrities' publicists would ask me to finish-up after a question or two, and some even tap me on the arm if I'm cheeky and keep going. But no, Tom answers all my questions with no interruptions.

After all of that, the E! team heads out for dinner and a celebratory drink. Oh, what a night!

Today, I am focused on…. not missing my flight to Bangkok.

My flight is at 6am. Yes. For those of you doing the maths, that's a 3am wake up call. Ouch. But I am also excited as I'm flying to Bangkok to attend the Vogue Thailand Gala Dinner. It sounds like I'm well-connected or something, but truth be known, I am merely my husband's plus-one for this event. He got the invite! And when Vogue calls, you don't say no!

I force my hubby to take a photo with me. He looks so adorable in a tux!

Today, I am focused on…. sleeping.

It’s been a crazy week and by this point, I am exhausted. Time to unwind and just gather my thoughts after a crazy schedule and loads of travel. I need to get some rest as I will fly back to Singapore the following day for work.

I always start my day with a coffee and checking emails and Friday is no different. Nothing pressing, but I have some more scripts to write for upcoming E! stories. Though, I'm so tired so I procrastinate by, yup — you've guessed it, watching E! on TV.

My husband cooks me my favourite meal: Vietnamese. I am literally the worst cook in the world. We have a glass of wine and watch Interview With A Vampire starring... Tom Cruise.


Catch Yvette King on E! – available on Singtel TV Channel 328 and StarHub Channel 441.