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We spotlight Collision 8, which transforms the idea of co-working by creating a space that strikes a balance between comfort and energy in the pursuit of cultivating innovation. 

    Collision 8's Lounging Area to facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas.

    The number of co-working spaces and available seats all around the world has been doubling each year since the start of 2006. Encouraging the concept of a collective work environment, the co-working community has grown expansively — with Singapore making it’s presence in the co-working community as well.

    What exactly is a co-working space? Think Starbucks — without the buzz of rowdy patrons and long line for coffee. An alternative workspace outside the parameters of home, office, and local coffee houses, co-working spaces provides a haven for entrepreneurs and creative self-starters to gather at a single location to work, discuss and share their ideas.

    Collision 8 rides on the co-working space wave by creating an elegant platform that not only offers top-notch services and facilities, but also offers membership to a community of ambitious innovators to share, create and re-create their ideas.

    We take a closer look at how the working worlds collide in Collision 8.

    WHO — The Creators
    The founders of Collision 8 are Michelle Yong and John Tan — the former, a fourth generation leader heading construction conglomerate Woh Hup, and the latter, an accomplished entrepreneur that has a cumulative portfolio of over 70 start-ups in Asia and the US.

    WHY — The Purpose
    Yong’s inspiration for Collision 8 was to “bring two very disparate worlds together”, believing that the traditional world where she comes from and the tech world which Tan inhabits “each have different but complementary skill sets, resources and perspectives that when combined are amplified into more than just a sum of two parts”.

    Catering to start-ups, corporates, institutions and investors, the initial momentum for mingling between these different tiered members is from community manager Ayla Kremb. “Let’s face it, people are shy,” says Kremb. “Even the most successful or wealthy individuals aren’t always comfortable with bringing people together. Or they simply don’t have time to filter through their contacts. That’s where I come in. I help link them to the right person for their business needs.” Kremb hosts welcome sessions, monthly check-ins and personalised introductions to build a unique community within this co-working space.

    AMENITIES — The Catalysts
    Collision 8 is set across the eighth floor of High Street Centre on North Bridge Road. It overlooks the Singapore River, Marina Bay Sands, Raffles Place and Fort Canning Park. The breathtaking view varies as you circulate the area, intending to symbolise the fluidity of inspiration gained from the space.

    To encourage interaction between community members, the hot desk area in the lounge has a cosy library with glass cabinets amongst the bookshelves, displaying a dazzling array of personal spirits collections.

    A neat bar also sits adjacent to the area, opening up for service during events.

    The break out spaces and private enclaves ensures quiet for an apt brainstorming session. The fair amount of lush greenery populating the workspace in Collision 8 is also another of its intentional symbol to represent growth and vitality in the workspace.

    While it is a given that co-working spaces provide businesses with sufficient facilities and amenities that include smart TVs and smart projectors, Collision 8 goes beyond the tangible requirements with a refreshing design that seeks to inspire and rejuvenate.

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