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Business Moguls First Jobs

They say we all have to start somewhere, and that includes the likes of the world's biggest business moguls. From waiting tables to babysitting, we reveal how some of the world's biggest household names got their start.


Oprah Winfrey 

It's hard to believe now but way back when, Oprah wasn't the force of nature she once was. Growing up in Nashville, Oprah spent her weekends bagging groceries for extra money. Mind you, that didn't last long as she was snapped up by a local radio station and the rest, as they say, is history.


Hilary Clinton

Former First Lady and Presidential runner-up, Hilary Clinton started her working life as a babysitter of all things. But of course Hilary being Hilary wasn't content with just being a babysitter as she formed a babysitters club to take care of the children of migrant workers living in the area, proving she has always had a philanthropic streak. 


Michael Dell

At just 12 years old, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, took a job washing dishes in a nearby Chinese restaurant. A keen stamp collector, Dell wanted the pocket money to help grow his collection but we wonder if this early role prepared him for his future business ventures.


Marissa Meyer

Before she was the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa picked up some seriously vital skills by working at a local supermarket. With the express lane seen as the lane to work in, it was here that she learnt the importance of working quickly, getting the coveted position by scanning 40 items per minute. 


Jeff Bezos

Known for his unwavering business insight, it seems that Bezos honed his skills from a young age. Speaking about his early business ventures, he claimed that while still in high school, he and his former girlfriend launched something called The Dream Institute - an educational summer camp for younger kids, teaching them about black holes in space. 


Barack Obama

Before he turned his hand to politics, Barack Obama began his working life in a wide range of various roles. These included; scooping ice-cream at Baskin Robins and bagging groceries at the local supermarket. Proof that it doesn't matter where you start but how you end your career. 





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