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Cryptocurrency Millionaires

Meet the new wave of millionaires - the people making their fortune on cryptocurrency.

Jeremy Gardner

Starting out his crypto career when he was just 18, Jeremy Gardner is a new wave of people playing the crypto speculation game. Since his initial success, he has since dedicated his working life to playing the crypto game and helping others do the same through his companies Blockchain Capital, which helps companies invest and Crypto Castle - a house which doubles as a community for people investing in the industry.


Tony Gallippi

Tony Gallippi isn't so much a crypto player as a crypto enabler. As the co-founder of Bitpay, the currently stands as the chairman of the world's leading Bitcoin company and is also said to be one of the largest holders of Bitcoin which currently values him at $20 million. 


Yifu Guo

In order for people to buy and trade crypto currency, they need to transact, which is called 'mining' in this world. Offering an easy and simple peer-to-peer solution is one Yifu Guo. Setting up Avalon in 2012, his mining systems are so popular he is now one of the most in-demand in the business.


Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson is somewhat of a Bitcoin anomaly making his fortune not through trading but mining, crypto currency. Starting his company MegaBigPower in his basement in his house, he now works out of a 2,000 square foot warehouse and is worth an estimated US $35 Million.  


Roger Ver

Roger Ver isn't satisfied with just making money from Bitcoin but loves the industry so much he acts as a mentor to others, helping them on their crypto journey. A hugely successful entrepreneur before he started on this journey, he also helps other Bitcoin businesses by investing in them as well as giving away millions of his estimated US$53 Million per year. 


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