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For BLLNR – A week in the life of Chester Wan, AVP Marketing at IDS

When it comes to aesthetics, there is only one name you need to know and that's IDS. So this week, take a walk in the work shoes of the always smiling, always professional Chester Wan, AVP of Marketing at IDS.



Wrapped up 2020 with an outlet meeting to get ready for 2021. We typically have outlet meetings every few weeks to ensure all staff are briefed on any new promotions and everything runs smoothly.


All work and no play makes a boring Chester. Destressing at work with a game of foosball with a colleague is one of the best ways to beat work fatigue. The day ends with time at a home lying on the sofa, but catching up with the happenings of IDS’ influencer friends (or better known by us as IDS angels). Keeping myself updated with the happenings on social media is one of the key strategies in ensuring the success of all IDS marketing plans. 


The success of a company depends on all of its departments working together.  Regular meetings are very important to ensure everyone is constantly aligned on the direction and plans. This ensures that everyone works together towards a common goal.


When I’m at my desk, more often than not, you’ll see me looking at excel spreadsheets. Sales, budgets, forecasts, and projections are my daily bread. 


Ending the week with time spent at the IDS training room. This is where I get to try out all the new machines and treatment protocols. For me, it’s really important to know how the treatments feel and work so that I can better share the information with everyone else.



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