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Forget Millennials, Focus On Generation C

Doing Away With Arbitrary Age Brackets On Marketing, Hiring and Connecting

While Millennials may have been the first generation to grow up entirely immersed in the digital world, they aren’t the only digitally adept age group. For marketing, for hiring, for connecting, age is increasingly arbitrary. This digital age that has ushered in an era of hyper-connectivity and redefined the way we consume media and interact amongst each other, cuts across all generations.

Instead of segregating the market based on different age groups it’s time we start thinking in terms of the distinct characteristics that are emerging among people across all ages amidst this digital age and adapt your business strategies accordingly. 

What is The Generation C?

In 2012, digital analyst Brian Solis defined Generation C as the "Connected Consumer." He pointed out that anyone who integrates technology into their daily routine, regardless of age, shares certain qualities.”

Google dubs them the “The Youtube Generation”, characterised as a powerful new force in consumer culture, consisting of “people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community.” Instead of pegging this generation to a specific demographic, “it's an attitude and mindset defined by key characteristics.”

This classification is not an entirely new concept. As early as 2004, researchers were already recognising a new cross-generational cohort consisting of digitally savvy folks who create and curate content, build online communities and find and consume products in very distinct ways. 

How Do You Reach This Target Audience?

Given these main characteristics, traditional media marketing utilising conventional static digital ads are increasingly falling flat among this ad-blocking audience.

These days all it takes is a simple word-of-mouth recommendation on Facebook, a viral meme, or even likes from a trusted Influencer, and your brand’s visibility could skyrocket overnight.

Overall, Gen C are the most receptive to content shared and reviewed on personal networks. According to Google, 85% of Gen C rely on peer approval for their buying decision. Hence, providing a friendly community environment on your site conducive for customers, and potential customers to go to share reviews, valuable insights and have open dialogues is pivotal to any business. 


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