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How To Figure Out If Your Career Has Flatlined

We all reach that point in a certain career or job where we feel like our career has just flatlined. But before you go off and hand in that resignation, here are four questions to ask yourself about whether this is the job for you.

Am I learning?

No matter what your level or position within a company, you still should be learning and growing within your role. If your answer is no, ask yourself if there is training offered at your company, is there something you could do outside of the office and most importantly, is this something you want to look to do? 


Am I respected?

This is quite a hard question to stand back and ask yourself but it is hugely important. To learn whether or not you want to stay within a company, you need to work out whether your hard work and contributions are valued, whether going the extra mile earns you the respect of your peers. If the answer is no, it seems like it might be time to look for a new job. 


Am I doing my best?

It's pretty easy to get comfortable in a job and just skate by but if you really see this career and company as a long term goal, you will be doing more than just what you have to do, you will be doing your best. If you are not, ask yourself why not and if you want to put in the extra effort to do this.


Am I happy?

Sure, we all get days where we hate where we work and can't wait to leave for the day but these days should be few and far between. If going back to work on a Monday gives you the serious Sunday blues week after week and time after time, it could be time to move on.