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How To Localise Your Business And Build A Community: Luciano Tesoriero Of F45 Training

The Owner and Director of F45 Training Studios In Singapore and Australia talks about how he builds communities from scratch in each market he enters.

 Photograph by Vickneswaran S/O Panneerselvan

Fortunately for my business, we use a very specific and simple formula to build communities in each market; I follow a key set of engaging principles, adjust slightly for each market and build from there. I always start by connecting with likeminded individuals and businesses who are aligned with our ethos - who have similar core values and also have the same target audience. The best way to do this is by building honest and genuine relationships. There has to be give and take in order to make long term partnerships truly effective.

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know but who you know or who you can get to know. It’s also how quick you can move. Before I arrived in Singapore, I researched, reached out to contacts and also posted an informal shout out via various social media channels asking for introductions to meet interesting people in the wellness community. The response was incredible and it allowed me to begin networking the day I landed.

Often in situations where you’re connected via an acquaintance you are “that guy” who is asking for help. After initially making contact with all the people I had been linked to, I would arrange to meet informally with the objective of learning more about them, explain my background and most importantly, what I was here to do. It’s important to exchange ideas, ways to collaborate and help each other, followed by an email to confirm the next steps forward.

For 2 weeks I took around 3 meetings per day and followed the aforementioned strategy. At the end of this period I had three things that I did not have at the start. I was less of a stranger, I had a much better understanding of the landscape of the fitness market here; and lastly and most importantly I could go back to each person with something small but potentially very valuable; an introduction to someone they didn’t know as I saw a great opportunity for them both to benefit from working together.

Technology, more specifically social media plays a vital role in building a community and essentially present a virtual storefront. We have a closed group on Facebook where members can interact, ask the trainers questions and share information. It allows us as trainers and leaders in the community to inspire, engage and also help say 10 people at once who might have a similar goal or query. Instagram is our virtual storefront. This is where we visually showcase our community by demonstrating what we stand for, how we can help them, and the awesome group of people that they can do it with!

For us to have effective online community, it must start with building the right physical community in studio. This begins with genuinely getting to know our members, encouraging them to interact and most importantly enjoy what they are doing, together as a team. We then take this online and ensure we, and our members, regularly interact.

We have an amazing group of members at our Amoy Street Studio from all different backgrounds but all with the same underlying vibe, energy and goal. This energy attracts more of the same and we end up with an inclusive, motivated, happy community. Your vibe really does attract your tribe.

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