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Sustainability Heroes – Hong Kong’s Most Inspiring, Future-thinking Entrepreneurs

Sustainability is a key word in business these days, and it's not hard to see why.

Hong Kong's sustainablility PR company, PLUG, sites a recent Google study between sustainability and the economy for the recent surge in interest. According to them, sustainability and inflation have formed an unexpected alliance. A growing number of people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are making choices that will benefit the planet, whilst at the same time realising that sustainable purchases can help them save money. A Google study found that Hong Kong consumers have stopped buying certain products and services because of their environmental and social impact. The globally forerunning search engine recently released a report showing that search interest for terms containing “ESG” grew by 70%, while interest for “sustainability” themed topics grew by over 30%.  

With that in mind, here are just a few of their Asia based sustainability hero's.

Delta Global – Robert Lockyer, Founder and Chief Client Officer

Robert Lockyer is the Founder and Chief Client Officer of Delta Global. With more than 32 years of global experience in the luxury packaging industry, Robert is known for his in-depth market knowledge, passion and exceptional creativity, and is making waves in the luxury retail industry with its bespoke sustainable luxury and performance packaging solutions.

With a clear goal to be the global leader in sustainable luxury packaging, Robert guides his clients through every step of the supply and distribution journey to ensure they meet the highest standards of verified innovation and environmental performance. Some encouraging statistics include: the use of FSC materials in their clients’ packaging has increased 36% during the last 12 months, and the demand for plastic packaging has fallen by 50% over the same period of time, and now represents less than 1% of their global packaging demand.

Headquartered in the UK, Delta Global has been the trusted partner of an array of luxury retail brands, such as, NET-A-PORTER, TOM FORD, Coach and ZIMMERMANN etc. Recorded a 55% growth in revenue in the last fiscal year that ended September 30, 2022, Delta Global will drive its regional expansion efforts from Hong Kong, further into the GBA and APAC. 

Vestiaire Collective – Dounia Wone, Chief Impact Officer

Dounia Wone is the Chief Impact Officer at Vestiaire Collective – the leading global online marketplace for desirable pre-loved fashion, with the mission to fight fashion waste by giving a second life to the clothes we no longer wear. Working towards a fully circular fashion industry, Dounia is responsible for bringing her experience in the field of sustainability and environmental responsibility at some of France’s biggest institutions, her high standards as well as ecological and societal vision to Vestiaire Collective.

Taking its mission to the next level, Vestiaire Collective is now banning fast fashion brands from its platform – a strategic move in the company’s long-term mission to change the way people consume fashion. By doing so, the platform reinforces the notion of buying quality over quantity and encourages consumers to invest in craftsmanship at better prices. As part of a 3-year plan, Vestiaire Collective enlists the expertise of an external agency to create a robust set of ‘fast fashion’ criteria including low product quality, working conditions and carbon footprint. All brands that fit the criteria will subsequently be banned from the site.

Now boasting more than 23 million worldwide members buying and selling 5 million pre-loved, high-quality luxury pieces and adding another 25,000 items each day, Vestiaire Collective continuously works towards its long-term mission of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint by empowering the fashion community and educating them about responsible shopping and the negative impact of overconsumption. Since the company’s inception, the team has expanded globally, with offices and warehouses in Paris, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, London, New York, Berlin, and Milan. 

Colliers Hong Kong – Hannah Jeong, Head of Valuation and Advisory Services

A successful female leader in elevating ESG initiatives in the workplace and a driving force of sustainability in the community, Hannah Jeong, Head of Valuation and Advisory Services at Colliers Hong Kong, has over 17 years of experience in property investment and development projects specialising in valuation, development consultancy, financial analysis and feasibility studies, with aims to help her company and clients to create greater value by implementing ESG initiatives in their business strategy.

Apart from her specialization in property, Hannah also provided ESG advisory for her very own Hong Kong office last year in order to create a sustainable workplace. After identifying certain areas for energy inefficiencies through a holistic ESG and sustainability audit of their office operations, she successfully improved energy efficiency by upgrading the infrastructure and programming. Colliers earned the WELL Health-Safety Rating for its Hong Kong office. Various environmental sustainability and green procurement practices have also been put in place as Colliers aims to elevate the environment by minimising environmental impacts in Colliers’ own operations and through client services to elevate the health of our planet.

Led by Hannah, Colliers Hong Kong also partnered with different NGOs, such as Hong Kong Cleanup in 2022. Over 30 staff across various departments participated in this meaningful event and over 100 kg of waste was collected through this initiative. Staying true to its ‘Elevating the Environment’ strategy and zero-waste advisory, Colliers Hong Kong will continue its sustainability efforts in 2023.