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The 10 most valuable brands in the world

Who is winning the corporate race according to the latest findings of Brand Finance, a leading brand consultancy firm.


10. ICBC

Brand value: $59.2 billion

Last year’s rank: 10

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China holds onto its number 10 spot thanks to an increase from 3% to 15% of global brand value. 


9. Walmart 

Brand value: $61.5 billion

Last year’s rank: 8

Down one place from last year, Walmart is facing an uncertain 2018 due to the fact it had to shut over 60 stores last year. 


8. Verizon

Brand value: $62.8 billion

Last year’s rank: -5%

Even though it's one of the biggest mobile network providers in the world, Verizon's global ranking is down slightly due to the increase in more bespoke companies like T mobile. 


7. Microsoft

Brand value: $81.2 billion

Last year’s rank: 5

Down two rankings from last year, Microsoft may well be up a few levels in next year's ranking thanks to its new cloud services but finds itself at number seven due to hefty competition from the likes of Apple and Google. 


6. AT&T

Brand value: $82.4 billion

Last year’s rank: 4

Facing similar problems to Verizon, the world's largest communications company is facing stiff competition and so sinks down two places this year. 


5. Facebook

Brand value: $89.7 billion

Last year’s rank: 9

Up 45% on last year, Facebook's new position is down mainly due a renewed focus and success in digital content.


4. Samsung

Brand value: $92.3 billion

Last year’s rank: 6

Another winner in the rankings in Samsung, up from number six last year. Its growth can be put down to the success in the various new industries including Galaxy phones, tablets, TVs and home appliances and Samsung looks set to be one of the world's most powerful tech companies. 


3. Google

Brand value: $120.9 billion

Last year’s rank: 1

Google's ranking might be down but its net worth is up over 10%. While Google are still the world leaders in search and cloud technology, the cause for the ranking drop has been put down to the fact they are not as invested in enough alternative technology sectors to keep up with competitors. 


2. Apple

Brand value: $146.3 billion

Last year’s rank: 2

Apple's net worth is up 39% which makes up for the 27% drop in 2017. So where does the majority of the value come from? The report states that a massive two-thirds of Apple revenue comes from the iPhone - which could be why they release new models so regularly. 


1. Amazon

Brand value: $150.8 billion

Last year’s rank: 3

It won't come as much surprise to hear that Amazon has pinched the top spot on the world's most valuable brands list given its recent successful launches and the fact that the founder, Jeff Bezos is now the world's richest man. Up an amazing 47% from last year, it keeps hold of its number one spot thanks to the addition of food into its offering with the acquisition of Whole Foods. 




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