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The best companies in Singapore to work for, according to Linkedin

It's all about employee satisfaction you see.


There is absolutely no doubt that the past year and a half has been a time like no other, with the global pandemic affecting every area of our lives. But while we have been quick to focus on the personal changes that have taken place, we have seldom asked about our professional life. Have the companies we work for taken enough steps to make sure we are still safe? Do we feel happy and safe within our roles or new workplaces? Well, Linkedin has taken a deep dive into these questions and assessed various companies in Singapore's general performance through 2020 and beyond to form a list of 15 leading employers in Singapore.

The professional networking site looked at seven key factors which were: ability to advance in said role, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity and educational background. The companies that managed to best balance these skills alongside professional development and wellbeing, as well as having at least 500 employees in Singapore with COVID-19 reductions in staff less than 10% by the end of 2020, came up trumps. 

Speaking of this research, Chris Anderson, senior news editor for Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn said: “The past year has presented extraordinary challenges for so many around the world and our top companies methodology reflects these realities. This helped us surface companies who are investing in employee growth, as we navigate a world of work that’s forever changed by the global pandemic.”

So, without further ado, here is the full list:


  1. OCBC Bank
  2. Standard Chartered Bank
  3. Unilever
  4. EY 
  5. UOB
  6. Citi 
  7. Accenture 
  8. ST Engineering 
  9. FairPrice Group 
  10. Sea 
  11. IBM 
  12. PwC 
  13. KPMG 
  14. Prudential plc 
  15. DBS Bank 

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