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The Best Mobile Business Apps To Have

How to make the most of your business in the easiest possible way.



From accounting and expenses to data management and human resources, here are 10 of the best mobile business apps you can find.





Expensify is one of the biggest mobile expense providers in the world. Why we hear you ask? Well, it’s not only extremely easy to use, it also can upload receipts via its OCR Smartscan saving you valuable time, but it is also able to be used on iOS and Android.





If you want to keep track of your team, or just work out how many hours are to be billed to various projects, then Tsheets is for you. Available for use of up to 30 people at a time, team members are able to keep each other up to date on where they are working, for how long and why. Going one step further – you can also create jobs and shifts, keep track of sick days and holidays at a glance too.




Gone are the days of dial in codes round a speaker in an office, and that’s partly due to ClickMeeting. With this handy little mobile app, you can stay in touch with clients and peers from the comfort of your own phone which lets you schedule meetings, stream conversations, calls and even videos, all from Android, iOS, Apple and Blackberry apps.



Citrix ShareFile Business

With data protection laws constantly changing and a need for more data privacy than ever, how do you make sure that your data is not only being stored safely, but shared safely? Well, Citrix ShareFile Business takes care of that seamlessly for you. Allowing you to not only share files, but track, delete and wipe traces off devices when necessary – this has got to be the safest way to deal with data.




Finding out what our customers truly think is an often underestimated business tool and the best way to do this is by using SurveyMonkey. Allowing you to create and even participate in surveys all from your mobile, you can also analyse returning data and make plans from your iOS and Android phones.




Chances are if you are on the mailing list of a small to medium sized business, the company running their marketing for them is none other than Mailchimp. An email marketing tool that allows you to design, create, segment, send and even analyse emails – Mailchimp says bye bye to desktops allowing you to send from the comfort of your hand phone.



Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional

If you have ever worked in sales, you will most definitely heard of Salesforce. Consistently touted as the very best CRM software for customer and sales data, you can enjoy every one of their award-winning functions from your phone.



Sprout Social

Even the youngest business person out there will know that in today’s market, you can’t even think about launching and driving a business without social media. Social not your skill? Not to worry thank to Sprout, which allows you to identify your followers, ideal times for engagement, schedule posts and generally take the place of a marketing guru if you don’t have one to hand.




So important is social media that we have included two mobile social tracking apps on this list. HootSuite works in a very similar way to Sprout, but is best used across multiple mediums (think Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter) at one time.




Hoping to grow your company but don’t have room for a full time HR department? Well, enter BambooHR. This handy little mobile app allows you to track job applications, employee benefits and even performance reviews, all from your phone.