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The Six Trends To Make Travelling Easier

Let's face it, travelling, no matter what class you are flying, is nearly always tiring. Well all that might just be a thing of the past with these new inventions, designed to make your travelling life that bit easier.



Bye Bye Jetlag

Ugh, the dread jet lag. We all suffer from it, no matter how hard we try but maybe not for too much longer thanks to a new app called Timeshifter. Designed to help flyers eliminate jet lag by 'using an algorithm that rapidly resynchronises the circadian clock to new time zones,' it lets you know when you need to sleep both in the lead up to your travel and on your trip. It also has the unique function of dishing out advice ranging from when to get some fresh air, sunlight and tips to avoid dehydration etc to ward off the dread jet lag.


Home From Home

Airbnb were the first on the scene and following their successful cameo, literally going from home to home is one of the newest and fastest growing travel trends. With the rise in work travellers using the various apps for work trips, they now have their very own sections dedicated to business travel, making sure wifi, desks and a host of other things are readily available. 


 Co-Working Spaces

With the ever-increasing rise of start ups and companies looking to streamline, co-working spaces have become one of the most efficient choices of the recent decade. Not only are they a good choice at home, many co-working spaces are now offering reciprocal membership so that when you travel, you always have the option of having a desk and a familiar space to call the office.


Charging Luggage

Luggage that charges your electric devises might sound like something out of Back to the Future but we can assure you that it now exists. There's the company Away, that offers an eye-catching range of polycarbonate shell cases in eye popping hues including pastel pink and baby blue, with the suitcases coming houses with an an ejectable battery for charging your smart devises. Fashion loving travellers will love Horizn Studios who also offer removable batteries cases housed in the likes of Louis Vuitton collaboration or Marc Newson designs. 


Experience This

You've spent all that money so you deserve a treat for it and with many credit cards offering a variety of rewards scheme, now you can literally get more bang for your buck. For example Singapore Airlines offer credit cards that let you redeem points for air miles to be used for flights or upgrades, Kempinski hotel group will also offer its loyal customers unique experiences including a traditional Masai dance in Kenya.


Chargeless Cards

If you travel often, it's worth checking with your bank if you are using the right card. With nearly every outlet offering international chargeless cards for international purchases, the dreaded add on three percent is now a thing of the past. 






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