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The Entrepreneurs Behind the Ultimate Dinner Parties

US entrepreneurs Clinton Misamore and Mimi Kim have made a name in Hollywood hosting exclusive private dinners for wealthy investors. Now they’re launching monthly TED-style talks served with haute cuisine, for 50 world influencers.

Mimi Kim and Clinton Misamore (Photo credit: Emily Slade)

If you’ve ever dreamed of who you would invite to your perfect dinner party, Kim and Misamore are about to make it a reality. Their new event series is called Storytellers, intimate dinners with TED-style speaking engagements. Each – strictly invitation only – dinner highlights one person who educates and inspires attendees on a specific topic. The event takes place at a historical private residence in Hollywood, California, and attendees will include world leaders, financiers, philanthropists, Fortune 500 executives, scientists and influencers who each offer significant ideas on how we can solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Here they describe their upcoming event series which kicks off on 6 September 2017.

What are your backgrounds and how does that feed into what you’re doing now?
Both of us are entrepreneurs who love connecting people. Our backgrounds have each touched the realms of philanthropy, entertainment and finance. Mimi has worked at FX, Goldman Sachs and ran the dinner series ChefDance for the past 14 years. Clinton has started several non-profits.

What gave you the inspiration to set up this programme of events?
There aren’t many dinner experiences that powerfully blend content and culinary brilliance. Additionally, we are passionate about meeting new people and watching the sparks fly when we connect people with no expectation of what the outcome might be. Each Storytellers dinner gathers 50 of the world’s leading influencers, all hand-selected and a leader in his or her respective industry. The content and programme are designed to touch, move, inspire, educate and connect participants. Furthermore, every dinner is designed to live beyond the evening itself.

Who are some of your confirmed speakers for the first events?
Confirmed speakers for 2017 include our inaugural speaker on September 6, Marie Haga, executive director of The Crop Trust/Global Seed Vault; DJs Moby and Paul Oakenfold; movie director David Lynch; and photographer Norman Seeff. Storytellers will take place every month, initially at the CE Toberman Estate.

Which chefs will be creating dinner?
We will be bringing elite chefs to build the brand, as Mimi has worked with the biggest names on the planet through ChefDance. We are currently in talks with Michelin-starred chefs including Luigi Fineo.

What is your ultimate goal with Storytellers?
Our goal is to build compelling and humanistic programming that touches, moves and inspires our guests. We would love to see this platform being replicated throughout the country and the world to unleash the inner storyteller in all of us. Imagine a TED-like experience over a salon dinner with 50 influential people that are there to support you. Wouldn’t that be magic?

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