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The Three Startups To Watch In 2018

If you want to know what the next big thing for 2018 is, then this list should prove pretty helpful.


1. Male Fertility Checking by ExSeed

Did you know that male fertility is on the decline with scientists estimating that it is down by half in Western men? Well, it's a fact that ExSeed, led by CEO and Co-Fouder, Morten G Ulsted, did. Launched just a year ago, their aim is to help millions of couples improve their chances of becoming parents by providing an accurate, non invasive, at home sperm analysis test. Based on the findings of the test, they also provide an app which will help you to boost your overall sperm quality and health. While ExSeed are not saying they will replace fertility doctors with their testing, they are providing a unique and accurate first step for couples trying to get pregnant, not to mention solving a real gap in the $40 billion a year health industry. 


2. Uber for Kids by Zing

While just available in certain US states at the moment, Zing is one start-up that we think will be going global in a matter of years. So what does it do? Well, it solves nearly every busy parents perennial problem of the school run. In an economic and efficient manner, Zing can take care of after school rides and school runs for children over eight. If you want to spread the cost, you can even choose to car-pool and parents will be updated when children are picked up and dropped off from each destination. 


3. Active Interest Advertising by Ctrlio

There are so many times when as a brand you might wonder how or when to engage with a potential customer. Knowing just the right time to engage with them and where to spend that precious marketing budget has always been an issue, until now. British startup Ctrlio is changing the way brands engage with customers due to the fact they have worked out the technologies and algorithm's to inform a brand when a customer is actively looking for a new product, or service, and then gives brands the opportunity to bid for visibility. With a stellar list of investors and advisors, including the likes of McKinsey and Skyscanner - we imagine this is one business that won't stay as a startup for long.