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The Top Business Investments of 2017

From virtual reality to going green, we take a look at where to place that all-important investment for 2017.

Going Green

With everyone from small start-ups to multi-nationals worrying about their carbon footprint, if it's on the minds of businesses around the world, you can pretty much safely assume that it's a safe investment. So where to place that funding? Well, according to experts, wind power is one area that is gathering speed. With the US sitting at the top of all wind power output, the amount of wind power electricity generated globally has risen fourfold since 2000. 


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and all things A.I are a hot topic these days, which generally means they will make a safe investment. The virtual reality space continued to grow throughout 2016, with experts projecting a revenue of around $4.6 Billion by year end 2017. While the space is relatively advanced, there are still huge advances to be made which of course means, huge investments to be considered. 

Drone Technology

Over the past couple of years, you can't have failed to see the rapid growth in the use of drones. Being used for everything from wedding photography to the military, if you decide to make this market your investment, ensure that you have done your homework. Over the past few years, many a drone company have experienced problems on the stock market, so ensure your investment is a stable, publically listed corporation. 








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