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Valuable Life Tips From Business Leaders

In need of some sage advice? Here are some wise words from some of the world's best business leaders.

Richard Branson

“The best advice I ever received? Simple: Have no regrets. Who gave me the advice? Mum’s the word,” the Virgin Group founder wrote. “If you asked every person in the world who gave them their best advice, it is a safe bet that most would say it was their mother. I am no exception. My mother has taught me many valuable lessons that have helped shape my life. But having no regrets stands out above all others, because it has informed every aspect of my life and every business decision we have ever made.”

Martha Stewart

“The best advice I’ve ever received was from my father when I was 12 years old and willing to listen,” the media and business magnate wrote. “He told me that with my personal characteristics, I could, if I set my mind to it, do anything I chose. This advice instilled in me a great sense of confidence, and despite the fact that sometimes I was a little nervous, I stepped out and did what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. I think it really often is up to the parents to help build confidence in their children. It is a very necessary part of growing up.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of VaynerMedia

"You just don't know what the reality of the situation is going to be until you're in it. Once you're in it, and things maybe aren't exactly what you expected them to be, you have no choice to make a call and adjust. You'll never be able to force a different reality on the situation."

David Marcus, president of PayPal

"People will only change the way they do everyday tasks if it’s overwhelmingly clear how it makes their lives better."

Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief at the Huffington Post Media Group

"We don’t have to wait until we move or change jobs to change our lives. Nor do we have to wait for large-scale, upstream change. We can initiate change right now. There are endless starting points."

Maynard Webb, chairman at Yahoo and former COO of eBay

"We must always move forward. We must always work to get better and always be searching for what we are intended to do with our lives, including with our loved ones. It’s a lesson that’s important at any age. I wake up every day grateful for this time — I would argue the happiest of my life — and I’m inspired by the knowledge that my best years are not behind, but still very much ahead."

Arne Sorenson, president and CEO of Marriott International

"While I’m not advising you to send your children into a war zone, there is no better advice you can give or receive than to explore the world. The further you get from what is familiar to you the more you’ll learn."