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What Will Happen To Uber Staff In The Wake Of The Grab Sale?

Will Grab honour their commitment to find jobs for all Uber staff? 



When the news was announced this week that Uber had sold their South East Asia operations to Grab, its users were shocked. While everyone tried to digest what this meant for riders, Uber and Grab promised a seamless switch for both riders and staff alike.


So have they kept their promise? Well, it seems the answer to that would be yes and no. While on the one hand downloading the Grab app is as simple as it could be, passengers who have been banned by Grab but use Uber are facing difficulties. With Grab imposing strict rules on its riders in terms of cancelling or delaying rides, they have been famously 'ban happy' which now leaves riders without options.


When it comes to the staff, it seems the same can be said. With many of the drivers renting cars under a strict 'Uber only' policy, it remains to be seen if they will be able to transfer this to use under Grab and for drivers who chose to work for Uber vs Grab, if their ban will be lifted.


For head office staff, not much news has leaked so far but what we do know is that the entire marketing team for Uber have been put on gardening leave since the announcement. Having been given just a few hours notice, they were told to vacate their offices until the handover was completed. Maybe this was to safeguard the messages being sent out by Grab concerning the move or maybe it was just seen as efficient, but in a statement, Grab have promised all Uber employees jobs under Grab.


A Grab spokeswoman said: “All Uber employees, including its leaders, in its Southeast Asia operations will be offered employment in Grab. We are excited for the next phase of our growth as we welcome Uber Southeast Asia into the Grab family. All Uber employees in its SEA operations will receive offers to join Grab. As they will no longer have access to Uber’s systems and network, they will be on gardening leave until Grab has found a role and has onboarded them. Together, we will strengthen our O2O mobile platform for meaningful everyday services, and drive rapid growth in transport, food delivery, package delivery and mobile payments and financial services. Uber employees whose coverage is wider than Southeast Asia will continue to work in Uber.”

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