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Who are the richest people in Asia?

Who are they and how did they get there?

  1. Ambani Family – Net Worth $44.8 Billion

Taking the top spot of richest people in Asia is the ultra-successful Ambani family hailing from India. You might have heard of them thanks to their sky-scraper house in Mumbai that cost $1 Billion but if you are in India, you will have heard of them thanks to the fact they have their hands in the worlds of retail, telecoms, medicine, solar energy, transport, biotech and medicine.


  1. Lee (Byung-Chull) family - $40.8 Billion

The expression ‘from humble beginnings come great things’ could have been invented for this family. Coming from a modest trading company in Daegu, Korea, 80 years ago, the family created Samsung – one of the biggest tech firms in the world.


  1. Kwok family - $40.4 Billion

The Kwok real estate empire envelops 120 million square feet, of which, 60% is in China. The group also made a record $6.7 Billion in 2017 but sadly all this wealth and success couldn’t help family ties as the family have been plagued by fall-outs, ousting’s and eventually, the imprisonment of Thomas Kwok in June 2017.


  1. Chearavanont family - $36.6 Billion

This family’s rise to wealth began in 1921 when the two brothers, Chia ek Chor and Choncharoen Chearavanont opened a stall selling seeds to Thai farmers. Fast forward to today and it is one of the largest producers of livestock and animal feed in the world.


  1. Budi & Michael Hartono - $32 Billion

The vast amount of this fortune comes from the brothers decision to invest in Bank Central Asia although the roots of their fortune come from their family firm, Djarum, a cigarette maker.


  1. Lee (Shau Kee) family - $28 Billion

Lee Shau Kee keeps his wealth growing with his large family who are all involved in separate areas of the business. Having started in the business world back in 1948 where he was trading precious metals, Lee eventually founded the Henderson Development in 1973 which is now a real estate giant with interests in hospitality, gas and investments.


  1. Kwek/ Quek family - $23.3 Billion

Another Billionaire keeping it in the family is this one. After Kwek Hong Png founded the company in 1941 with his three brothers, now more than 15 family members helm the Hong Leong Group who take their interests from the world of finance and property across Malaysia and Singapore.


  1. Henry Cheng & family - $22.5 Billion

Under this Billion dollar empire, the family has Hong Kong-listed New World Development, New World China Land, New World Department Store China and Rosewood hotels.


  1. Sy family - $20.1 Billion

Henry Sy is not only sitting in at number 9 on the list of Asia’s richest people, but he is also the Philippines’ richest person. That is pretty impressive to know considering the fact that he started his career with a small shoe shop in Manilla and now owns mall development company, SM Prime and SM Investments Corp. Touchingly, his six children and grandchildren are all involved in the family business.


  1. Chirathivat family - $19.3 Billion

When you consider the fact that Thailand is a shopping mecca for so many, it’s not hard to realise how the Chirathivat family have their vast wealth given the fact that they control Central group, Thailand’s largest mall development company. The family also has arms in e-commerce, joining with China’s to create a $560 million joint venture called JD Central. Also worth noting is the fact that in February of 2020, the family listed Central Retail, their private retail arm, raising $2.5 Billion – Thailand’s biggest ever IPO to date.


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