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3 Ways You Can Get Involved With Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It affects us, our mothers, our sisters and our friends - Breast Cancer awareness month is all about early detection and prevention of spread of this wide-ranging cancer.


Undoubtedly one of the highlights of my career has been interviewing the late, great Evelyn Lauder and hearing her talk so passionately about Breast Cancer Awareness. I remember her telling me that in the early 1980's so much fundraising was being done to help spread the word on AIDS awareness yet breast cancer, something that affects around one in eight women globally, was falling behind in charitable donations and rates were on the rise. I remember her telling me: "look around, it's your mother, your sister, your friend, and they're dying and nothing is being done" so, being the maven that she was, she made something happen. She teamed up with the Cancer Foundation to create the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and launch the pink ribbon designed to not only raise funds for research into eradicating this awful cancer, but to spread awareness and help women understand the importance of regular medical check-ups. This charity is near and dear to my heart, not only because after my interview with Ms Lauder, we stayed in touch sporadically (through her PA) whenever my trips would take me to New York, but my very own best friend is a breast cancer survivor and my real-life hero.

So, with October being Breast Cancer Month, here are three ways you can get involved and help spread awareness. 


1. Go for a mammogram

With current statistics telling us that one in eight women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives, the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) recommends women over 40 to get regular mammograms and men, you are not off the hook - while rates of male breast cancer are far lower, regular checks are also advised.

This month, the BCF has organised a series of buses called the Mannobus, around Singapore to encourage women to get their checks. The rates are subsidised and are either free or $25-$35. See here for more information. 

National University Cancer Institute Singapore is offering $10 funding assistance to residents aged 50 and above who live in the West of Singapore on mammograms until 30th November 2022.

Similarly, The Singapore Cancer Society is offering $25 funding assistance to citizens and PR's above 40 at any one of their outlets until 30th November 2022. See here for more information. 


2. Take a walk

There will be various Pink Ribbon Walks taking place all over Singapore until the end of November. Not only are these walks actually great fun and a good excuse to get into the open air, they are also fantastic fundraisers and most importantly, awareness spreaders. For more information and to register, see here


3. Donate

There are many ways you can donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation and a whole host of beauty brands do fantastic limited-edition products to help out at this time of year but the best way to ensure that all the funds go directly to the charity is to simply donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation. See here for more information.