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5 Features That Make A Great Portable Speaker: B&O Play’s Beoplay P2

Have you heard of what the new B&O portable speaker can do?

    B&O Beoplay P2 is available in Sandstone, Black and Royal Blue.

    Manufacturing for a highly diversified range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, and multimedia products, there is one thing Bang & Olufsen achieves consistently: their signature sound.

    There is no surprise that the new portable speaker in their B&O Play series, the Beoplay P2, features a rich, clear and crisp sound one would already come to expect from the Danish brand. However, the Beoplay P2 goes beyond any other portable speaker with its exciting new features and exquisite design.

    Here's why.

    1. Size doesn’t matter
    At a glance, the Beoplay P2 can be easily underestimated by its meek size that is comparative to a pebble. Although it is also the smallest member of the B&O Play series, it is the most intelligent member in its range of wireless speakers. Customisable and intuitive control features are made possible on the speaker through the Beoplay app to produce a punching sound quality a speaker of that size would have never been thought to produce.

    2. Bare Necessities
    Since the speaker’s features are accessible through the Beoplay app as mentioned earlier, all switches and buttons have been done away with for a simple and sleek exterior. A simple shake or tap is all that is required to adjust the music and activate the speaker's smart features, where you can even launch a personal assistant to wake you up in the morning with the same music you fell asleep listening to the day before.

    3. Clad in elegance
    This rounded, smooth speaker may fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, but it is much more than its humble appearance. It is clad in premium materials that include pearl-blasted aluminium, real leather and durable polymer.

    4. Heavy duty lightweight
    275 grams light, the speaker is extremely portable and convenient, fitting in any pocket or bag easily. While the speaker’s portability leaves itself vulnerable to varying conditions, the tightly sealed aluminium and polymer casing affords Beoplay P2’s splash and dust resistant feature.

    5. Charged Up
    What is a party without music? Awkward silences are preventable with this portable speaker, as the Beoplay P2 provides non-stop music that is good for 10 hours with a single battery charge. You don’t even have to worry about switching it off to save power — because a 15-minute standby function allows for the device to save its own battery to keep your music going for longer.