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Bentley Home Introduces A Cutting-Edge Collection at Milan Design Week 2024

Explore Bentley Home at Milan Design Week.

Bentley Home is set to unveil its latest collection during Milan Design Week 2024, and anticipation is running high for the debut of six new pieces that promise to redefine contemporary luxury furniture. Located within the historic Palazzo Chiesa, the Bentley Home Atelier will serve as the backdrop for this showcase of materiality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Collaborating with esteemed designers Carlo Colombo, Federico Peri, and Francesco Forcellini, Bentley Home is pushing the boundaries of furniture design. Each designer brings a unique perspective, incorporating Bentley's distinctive design DNA of comfort, craft, and elegance into every piece. Head of Bentley Design Collaborations, Chris Cooke, expressed excitement about the collection, highlighting its dynamism and lightness of touch. "We are further developing the levels of extreme personalisation and customisation," Cooke added, emphasising Bentley Home's commitment to tailored luxury.

Among the highlights of the 2024 collection is the Wilton desk, a sleek and functional piece designed by Francesco Forcellini. With its dual-shell profile and curved details, the Wilton desk embodies elegance and craftsmanship, marking Bentley Home's inaugural venture into the home office realm. Another standout is the Loftus sofa, designed by Federico Peri, which features sculptural lines and modular elements. Its floating cushions and integrated side tables create a sense of lightness and sophistication while paying homage to automotive design influences.

Carlo Colombo's contributions include the Chilton seating line and the Langport bed, both of which exude luxury and refinement. The Chilton series boasts sinuous curves and dynamic detailing, while the Langport bed offers unparalleled comfort with its sophisticated design and integrated reading lights.

Visitors to the Bentley Home Atelier during Milan Design Week will have the opportunity to experience these exquisite pieces firsthand. The Bentley Home Atelier welcomes guests from Tuesday, April 16th, to Sunday, April 21st, from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. For those unable to attend during Milan Design Week, appointments can be made year-round to explore the exquisite offerings of Bentley Home's latest collection.