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BLLNR Reviews MaskTox at IDS Clinic

Trust us, you want to read about this one

2020 has been a funny old year. It has not only been one of the most trying years in most people’s lives, but it has given rise to a whole host of new and slightly bizarre phrases that would have previously never crossed our minds. ‘Circuit breaker’ is one as is ‘social distancing’ and ‘mascne’ and while these don’t particularly bring us much joy, a new one came across my desk that after testing it out, most certainly did.

So, what am I talking about? Well, it’s ‘MaskTox’ – ever heard of that? No neither had I which is why I went off to IDS Clinic to figure out what it is.


What is MaskTox

Well, if you think about it, you can probably guess that this is one part to do with the now ubiquitous masks and the other part, botox. This unique little treatment focuses on the upper half of the face aka the part that is actually visible to the world these days. In terms of areas, we are talking botox for the forehead and frown lines which are constantly poking out of our masks.


What does it involve

If you are a regular reader you will know by now that I am no stranger to indulging in anything to do with anti-aging so I went along thinking I was pretty much in for a bit of Botox. And I was, but with a difference. First of all, I had an extremely thorough consultation with Dr Michelle – you see while I had booked the appointment for the treatment, she needed to check it was actually right for me and I was interested to hear that she advised my friend, who was in before me, that she actually didn’t need one of the treatments she had booked in for.

During my consultation, we went through what I really wanted long term out of treatments and how I could get there. I explained that it was the small lines under my eyes that bothered me, alongside my frown lines which at this stage are pretty much a part of me. After taking a good look at my face, Dr Michelle told me that as my temples are somewhat sunken and my forehead is a bit short, I need not just rely on quick tweaks to rid certain problems and that longer term, she could fix my under eyes and somewhat sunken cheekbones with carefully placed filler and Botox – an option that had never been given to me before. Sign me up, I said, but first for the quicker fix as I had a party to look good for.

The Treatment

Firstly, I was marked out carefully so Dr Michelle knew exactly where to inject and then with a bit of help from the cooling pad, I was ready to go. Now, I normally like a bit of numbing cream but I didn’t even flinch when Dr Michelle started to inject me and I was in and out in about five minutes.

The Results

Honestly, brilliant. No bruising, no lumping, no errant lines where they’re not meant to be – just a fresher, less tired but still natural looking me. And what’s more, the part that really impressed me was how long Dr Michelle took to explain everything to me and to talk me through longer term goals rather than just a poke and pay approach that so many Doctors can do. I’ll be back for sure.

For more information, contact IDS Clinic here


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