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BLLNR reviews Profhilo

Or as we should say, we do the treatment everyone is talking about


A few years ago, I was sat having a drink with a friend of mine who is the Beauty Editor on a well-known UK fashion bible, when I caught myself staring at her face. Like me, she has small children, can’t say no to a late night or that last glass of wine but unlike me, she didn’t look, how shall I put it; worn out. So after a good while of checking out her flawless face I asked her simply what on earth she was doing to look that annoyingly good. She told me she had been doing Profhilo and was aghast that I hadn’t had it done, yet alone heard of it. Obviously I hot -footed it along to her doctor and quickly became a devotee. 

So, when I got back to Singapore, and was needing my regular dose of Botox topped up by my very favourite cosmetic doctor, Dr Rohan Mendis, I asked him about this wonder treatment, or tweakment as it’s being known in the beauty world. With Profhilo still to make its way to our shores back then, Dr Mendis remained intrigued by my exclamations of wonder and waited until it made its way over here. Which it did. This year. And of course, Dr Mendis made sure it made its way to his office. Speaking of the treatment, he said: “Profhilo is an innovative anti-aging technology that through a combination of both high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, cleverly intervenes with the process of aging. It works across multiple skin layers & through bio-stimulation increases collagen and elastin production by 12 times and hydration by 20 times. The procedure gives rise to firming, hydrating, and lifting of the skin as early as one week after treatment. The procedure has minimal pain or downtime. It gives amazing results for the face, neck, decolletage & hands.” 


So, first and foremost, what is Profhilo?

Well, simply put, it is an injectable treatment that delivers hyaluronic acid to all the layers of the skin to provide unparalleled hydration and thanks to its ingredients, it works on treating the bio-modelling of collagen and elastin to plump the skin from within. As a result, it helps with wrinkled and sagging skin. While Botox relaxes the facial muscles and filler decreases the lines, Profhilo actually gives you unparalleled levels of hydration to plump the skin and can be achieved in fewer sessions than traditional fillers. 


Ok, what’s it like?

If you have ever had anything injectable, then you pretty much know the drill. It’s a series of injections around the face, five each side to be precise, and takes around five minutes to do. Now, I am by no means a wimp but I was glad that Dr Mendis’ lovely nurse had left the numbing cream on for quite some time before when we got to the areas around my cheekbones. On a pain scale, it sits around five but as I’ve got quite a bony face, the cheekbones did cause me to squint a wee bit. Once the injections were done, Dr Mendis’ team really excelled themselves with the aftercare as I was sent home with some arnica tablets in case I bruised and some Danzen tablets to prevent against swelling and although there’s pretty much no downtime after Profhilo, this really made sure I didn’t look bruised and lumpy for the week ahead. Around a month later, you go back for your second round of injections and voila – you are done for the next year to 18 months.


Why have it done and what does it really do?

Let me tell you a little story. When I went back for my second treatment, Dr Mendis walked into the treatment room and I instantly knew he had had profhilo. How did I know? He looked, and I can’t think of a better way to describe it and believe me I’ve tried, like he had put an Instagram filter on his face. He looked glowing, dewy, radiant, healthy and hydrated: the man looked good. It’s always difficult to see the difference in yourself but I noticed it on him and over Facetime with my mother (who doesn’t exactly throw compliments out) she asked what foundation I was wearing and I smugly told her I was sans make-up.

To be honest, Profhilo is for anyone and everyone. With constant heat and Air Conditioning, our skin is running on the dry side naturally which, of course, causes wrinkles and an uneven skin tone. We all could do with more sleep, we could all do with less sun and we could all do with looking a bit more rested and younger which is really, in a nutshell, what Profhilo does.

When I told my afore mentioned friend that I had found Profhilo here, she said what I think sums it up: “Good good, it’s a game-changer that stuff.”

For more information or to book an appointment with Dr Mendis, see here.

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