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BLLNR reviews Profhilo

Or as we should say, we do the treatment everyone is talking about

Several years ago, on a trip back to the UK (remember when we could travel!) I was having my botox topped up when my doctor noticed my dry and, thanks to two young children, somewhat tired-looking face and recommended I try out Profhilo. Yet to hit Singapore's shores, it was apparently the treatment everyone was doing and, as it turns out, the reason all my friends looked so good even in the midst of Winter. I decided to give it a go and, as a fun experiment, decided not to tell anyone what I had done when I got back to Singapore to see if they would notice any change in my face. And they did, they sure did. But more on that later. 

With Profhilo only hitting Singapore late last year, as soon as I realised my favourite cosmetic Doctor, Dr Michelle at IDS Clinic was doing the treatments - I high-tailed down there to get my next top-up. Outside the treatment room I noticed a big glass container almost filled to the brim of ampoules and as I was headed in, I was told these were all the Profhilo treatments the team had done so far. That's pretty impressive given it's a new treatment so I decided to ask Dr Michelle a little bit more about the science behind this wonder treatment. 

First of all - What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an anti-aging hyaluronic acid injectable that improves skin hydration and elasticity through the bio-stimulation of collagen, elastin and adipocyte stem cells. 
The key benefits of Profhilo are: 
1. Skin hydration 
2. Improves skin laxity  
3. Lifting effect 
4. Smoothens acne scars
5. Improves skin quality of face, neck and body 
How are these benefits better than other injectables?
Profhilo has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the market, with 64mg of low and high molecular weight HA in 2ml. Other hyaluronic acid skin boosters or fillers contain a range between 12 to 25mg/ml of hyaluronic acid. This explains the excellent skin hydration effect after Profhilo treatment. 
Profhilo is 100% free of chemical-stabilising agents (BDDE-free) and is exceptionally biocompatible. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions such as inflammation and the formation of lumps after treatment. 
As compared to skin boosters that require multiple (often more than 20) injection points, Prohilo’s high spreadability allows for the treatment to be done with just 5 injection points per side of the face. Profhilo diffuses through the different skin layers, across the widest sections of the face, bringing a natural and lasting refreshed look. 
Why has it become so popular?
With just 10 injection points for the entire face, Profhilo is a quick 10-min lunch-time procedure with minimal downtime and long-lasting results. Two or three treatments spaced one month apart offers a natural-looking enhancement and skin rejuvenation that lasts for 10 to 12 months. The most attractive benefit of Profhilo is; most patients start to feel the improvement within the next couple of days while some may even see a significant difference before their second treatment.


So, onto the review - what's the treatment like?  

If you have ever had anything injectable, then you pretty much know the drill. It’s a series of injections around the face, five each side to be precise, and takes around five minutes to do. The clinic offers the treatment without numbing cream but I asked for some to be put around my cheekbones because I've got somewhat of a bony face and even with the cream, certain spots did make me squint a wee bit. On the pain scale it's about a five so not bad at all and as I mentioned only takes about five minutes, after which the numbing cream is rubbed off and you can go on your merry way, to come back a month or so later for your next treatment. 

Why have it done and what does it really do?

After telling my more aesthetically forward friends about the treatment one of them came for tea one day and I just knew she had had it done. How did I know? She looked, and I can’t think of a better way to describe it and believe me I’ve tried, like she had put an Instagram filter on her face. She looked glowing, dewy, radiant, healthy and hydrated: the girl looked good. It’s always difficult to see the difference in yourself but I noticed it on her and over Facetime with my mother (who doesn’t exactly throw compliments out) she asked what foundation I was wearing and I smugly told her I was sans make-up.

To be honest, Profhilo is for anyone and everyone. With constant heat and Air Conditioning, our skin is running on the dry side naturally which, of course, causes wrinkles and an uneven skin tone. We all could do with more sleep, we could all do with less sun and we could all do with looking a bit more rested and younger which is really, in a nutshell, what Profhilo does. Plus, it lasts around 18 months which makes it one of the most fuss-free treatments you can do. 

When I told my aforementioned UK doctor that I had found Profhilo here, she said what I think sums it up: “Good good, it’s a game-changer that stuff.”

For more information or to book an appointment with Dr Michelle, see here