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BLLNR Reviews: Ultherapy at Dr Kevin Chua

Can it really be as good as everyone says it is? We put Ultherapy to the test.


When it comes to aesthetic doctors, reputation is everything, so when you are talking about putting an ultrasound to my face, one of the only people I trust is Dr Kevin Chua. Well, two people to be exact, because it’s a case of Dr Chua squared at the clinic as his wife, Dr Iroshini Chua, is also an aesthetic doctor there and is every bit as skilled and well-revered as her other half.

Since the Dr’s moved their highly successful aesthetic practice to Orchard Road, it seems the clinic has been on everyone’s lips, not to be mention gracing the pages of all the glossies so, never one to miss out on a trend, I decided it was high time for me to head on down and try out one of their treatments.


The Consultation

Well, I’ve been to a few aesthetic clinics in my time but this has to be the absolute prettiest. Swathed in a dusty pink hue with chrome accents, each room is named after a flower, sweetly chosen by the Drs. daughter. Before the consultation, I was ushered to a waiting pod and given coffee, tea, biscuits – honestly I got so comfortable snacking away I almost forgot while I was there. Anyway, Dr. Kevin and Dr. Iroshini then took me off to the consultation room and went through my concerns (wrinkles and sagging neck) my main needs (to look less crinkled), and how the treatment could help, how long it would take, how long it would take to work and the science behind it, which nicely leads me onto my next segment ….


Ultherapy: What is it?

To put it simply, it’s a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses micro-focused ultrasound energy. This focused ultrasound energy triggers your body into kick-starting the process that produces new and fresh collagen under the skin which essentially makes skin tighter and fresher. 

What’s more, Ultherapy is the only treatment with an advanced imaging system so the doctor can actually see beneath your skin and deliver the ultrasound energy to the exact layers under your skin to start the collagen production. FDA cleared, it works on the upper neck area, eye bags, cheeks and the jowls and it takes around three months for the effects to be fully noticeable.


The treatment

Excited to get going, I was then slathed in numbing cream and left to drift off to sleep with music playing in the background for an hour. Once I was fully numb, and thoroughly relaxed I have to say, it was time for the treatment. I was warned beforehand that the treatment can take around an hour and a half, which meant that lucky me, I got both of the Chua Drs. working on me, each one taking half a face. Tackling one side of the face at a time, the ultrasound is directed at 1.5, 3 and 4.5 millimeter depths and I don’t know if it was the numbing cream, the vibrator used on the other side of my face to distract me (yes really) or the banter from Dr. Kevin but honestly, it really didn’t hurt. Sure, there were moments were it pinched a bit but luckily the doctors kept asking me if I was ok or if I wanted a break and if any part got too sore, we could move onto the next area. To be honest, the only parts that were sore were the less fleshy parts, so over my cheekbones and under my neck there was one part that really pinched, but apart from that, it was smooth sailing all the way. Of course it does help that I was so comfortable with the hands I was in, the doctors have an amazing bedside manner and their combination of caring nature and chatter made the whole process practically fly by.



Impressive, very impressive. After two weeks I went back for Dr. Kevin Chua to check on my progress and even though it takes up to three months to see clear results, looking at the before and after shots, I could clearly see a lessening of my crows feet and mouth lines. Even better, the sagging under my neck was getting much less prominent but best of all was the fact that I didn’t bruise a bit.

Immediately after the treatment I was flushed for about 12 hours and had a few flashes of numbness for about two weeks but I’m glad to say the results came in thick and fast. Not only were my general wrinkles much less noticeable but it made my skin look and feel so much tighter all over and best of all, nearly two months later, my chin sagging that I hated, has pretty much gone.

In my time I’ve done more than a few treatments that I’ve been on the fence about but believe me, this is not one of them. Not to be dramatic, but It’s life changing and I’m so glad I got it done.  Ultherapy lasts anywhere up to 18 months so believe me, I will back at Dr. Kevin Chua’s door in a couple of years.


Dr Kevin Chua Medical & Aesthetics can be found here, with more information about Ultherapy here and reached on +65 6694 6700.

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