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BLLNR Reviews: Xeomin at Dr Kevin Chua

Or as I like to say, bye bye frown lines.


My name is Poppy and I am a frown aholic. Years of refusing to wear my glasses and squinting into the sun have left me with frown lines that at times, resemble dents in my face and I am now at the stage where botox is rather like putting a plaster on a wound - it does its bit but quickly the lines re-appear and over time, I've noticed that the botox seems to wear off quicker each time. 

So, what's a girl to do? Well, luckily for me I mentioned this to one of my favourite Doctors, Dr Kevin Chua who introduced me to Xeomin. What is this magic potion I hear you ask? Well, it's pretty much botox but has a few slight changes which make all the difference. While Xeomin and Botox (botulinum toxin) both contain botulinum toxin type A, the former contains a 'pure' form of said botulinum toxin which, unlike Botox®, contains something called accessory proteins meaning that it can deliver the toxin without any additives. In layman's terms, the purified structure of Xeomin is designed to help prevent antibody resistance which causes the injections to wear off quicker each time, over time. 

But, with anything, the tool is only good in the right workman's hands, which is why it's Dr Chua's philosophy on treatments that has anyone and everyone flocking to him for his skilled, yet subtle work. A Xeomin session with Dr Chua starts with him carefully looking at your face - the asymmetry, the way you move when you talk and taking into account factors like whether you wear glasses etc and from there, he sets to work. While he tackled my crows feet similarly to how I have had them done before, it was the frown lines and forehead lines that really surprised me. As Dr Chua pointed out, my nose bends slightly to one side and with a thin, more angular face, I can often look drawn. His solution: injecting the Xeomin above the eye bone therefore opening up my eyes and leaving me looking instantly more refreshed. I had my injections immediately after my three-hour Ultherapy session so my face was feeling a little worked over but I'm glad to report I pretty much didn't feel a thing. The injections were quick and swift and Dr Kevin's dad jokes kept me from feeling anything much really.

So has it worked? Well yes. I mean, I still frown (I have two small children - how can I not) and I still put my face in the sun but as I stare into my mirror as I write this, the Xeomin is like a guard at the door, stopping those wrinkles coming back too quickly. But as soon as they do, I'll be back to Dr Chua for sure. 


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