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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 3 things we can do to show our support

The fact is that women stand a one in eight chance of getting breast cancer in their lifetime - here's how to support those who are that statistic.

Be a buddy

The Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation runs a scheme called the Volunteer Befriending Programme which aims to assist women diagnosed with, and survivors of Breast Cancer as well as family members and friends to cope with their feelings and to regain a sense of control over important aspects of their lives. These volunteer befrienders can provide information and emotional support as they go through the breast cancer journey.

Donate to a smaller charity

We all know the big names, but how about doing some fundraising for a smaller charity where you can be sure the donations go directly to the patients? 365CPS Care Leaders offer care and support for cancer fighters who are going through the cancer journey. Their mission is to journey with every cancer fighter to provide relevant care and support in areas of psychosocial services so that they are connected to 365CPS as well as community resources to empower them to continue to be resilient in the fight against cancer. Your donations go towards care and support for those suffering from breast cancer, home visitations and check-ins, telecare through phone calls, zoom and WhatsApp, invitations to community resources and psychosocial services and even financial assistance.

Volunteer your expertise 

The Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation holds a fortnightly meeting where those suffering from breast cancer can get together and hear some expert advice on everything from nutrition, positive thinking, surgery options to breathing exercises. If you think you have something 

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