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Choosing The Right Colours Can Make The Difference Between Business Success and Failure

In an age of distraction, the proper use of colour can captivate an audience.

Colours used by Mexican architect Luis Barragan to uplift mood.

Emotions are something that affect us on a daily basis. With that in mind, colours have the power to emphasise our experience on our emotions through the resonance they carry with them. This can be used in a positive or negative way. When used in design, it can be that extra magic touch for your business to take off.

Here are four ways to leverage on colour in your business.

1. Colour helps us improve object recognition. Our brains are wired to recognise objects more quickly when their colours reflect what we’re used to seeing in the physical world. When we’re faced with a pink banana for example, it automatically causes cognitive dissonance.

2. You can also use colour to speed visual search. A prime example used all over the world is subway and metro maps, where colour-coding is a way to convey information quickly, facilitating the experience of the user to understand what they’re processing better. In the case of maps, colour facilitates the process of making it easier to follow a train line, speeding up the search process in our heads.

3. Colour also establishes identity. In the realm of branding and marketing, brand identity is the visual core of a business. Visual identity is often related with symbolism where certain colours elicits both cultural and psychological associations that are symbolic of ideas, concepts and feelings. The chosen colour, along with the design used if applied well, has the potential to project the essence of that brand's core values.

4. Colour has the power to communicate mood, which enhances meaning. Different tones and shades have the power to evoke emotion along with mood. Research shows that lighter colours are associated with a more positive affect than darker colours, that have a more negative connotation to them. Mexican architect Luis Barragan is a prime example of how he used colour for his works to his vibrant advantage, creating a timeless vivid and uplifting mood with the simple use of colour.

So it's important to be aware of the amount of power you have in your hands when applying colour in your life. Go ahead, choose to harness and apply this super power into your life and businesses.


María Trujillo Olaiz is the founder and creative director of Aqui Design, an ethically driven creative boutique in Singapore.