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Coolsculpting – 2 Months On

Did it work? Is it worth it? Will I like it? I’ve got all the answers

So, a couple of months ago, I toddled off to Freia Medical to get coolsculpting done on my Mum tum – you can read about it here. As coolsculpting is ideally done a couple of times on each treatable area, off I went back to Dr Toby for my second session of fat freezing.


First up – the results

I weigh myself regularly so I know my weight had stayed the same but that wasn’t the metric I was eagerly awaiting. What I wanted to see was how many cm’s I had lost from the areas I treated. Before each session, the team photograph you in every possible angle and measure each main bit of you. As I write this I realise how daunting it might seem but honestly, the team are absolute pro’s and so sweet that even standing in your bra and pants, you are totally at ease. As soon as the camera was down I was over with the nurses scanning for my measurements and they were good: I had lost over 1.5 cms on my stomach (my main concern) and nearly a whole centimetre on my thighs which is pretty darn good because they weren’t exactly big to begin with.


The next step

Well, the next step is the markings and this is really where I realised the magic of coolsculpting. Dr Toby came in to mark off my stomach and thighs and told me that I didn’t need a second session on my stomach because there wasn’t enough treatable fat to warrant it. My problem now wasn’t so much the fat, it was the flab and thanks to two big babies, I had loose skin to get rid of for which of course, Freia Aesthetics have a cure in the form of Venus Legacy which is my next stop on my tour of treatments.

My thighs however, still had some fat to lose so they were marked off and because I had booked 2 treatments, I opted to have my banana rolls (back of the bum) taken care of. Out came the markers and I was drawn on and around ready for the machines.


The treatment

The thing about coolsculpting is that it makes you cold. Seems obvious enough but I forgot to bring a pair of socks and jumper so layered up with some towels from the clinic. The treatment doesn’t hurt and even the massage to loosen any crystalised fat after didn’t hurt on my thighs and bottom as it had done on my stomach. While I was getting my thighs done I watched TV and had a little snooze while my bottom was getting worked on.


What happened next?

I was fully expecting to be in pain for the next few days like I had done with my stomach treatments but, I’m pleased to report, I barely felt a thing. My bottom was a tad sore for a day or so but nothing on my thighs and I even went for a run the next day. A month later I can definitely already see a difference in my thighs and feel that the roll under my bottom is getting smaller. No pain and fat loss – I’ll call that a nice result.


For more information on coolsculpting and Freia Medical, see here


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