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Dining Comes To Zouk

As one of Singapore's most loved and famed nightspots, Zouk, turns into a dining spot, has 2020 got any more surprises up its sleeve?

While we all rejoiced as we entered Phase 2, the news that nightclubs would remain closed and that restaurants and bars would have to stop serving at 1030 had many night owls shaking their heads in dismay. So, while this isn't quite the news you would expect from Zouk, or that ardent clubbers would have been wishing for, it's still pretty darn exciting anyway. 

Adapting to our new normal, Zouk have been racking their brains on how to satisfy their trend-focused, fun loving loyal customers and think that they have hit the nail on the head with their new and unique pop-up dining concept, Capital Kitchen. With a capacity to fit 100 diners, it will sit on the second level of the Zouk complex which has been transformed into a luxe dining spot and will serve a melange of Asian and Western foods.  

Talking about the changes,Andrew Li, CEO of Zouk Group. said: “Amongst the many things that this global pandemic has upended, it has changed the way consumers socialise and interact with one another. With clubs closed for the foreseeable future, it was crucial for us to pivot our business model to allow us to evolve in the current climate, and continue to innovate and develop new product and revenue streams that will continue to thrive, even beyond the pandemic. We’re in the business of creating unforgettable experiences for our customers and, with Capital Kitchen, we hope to create even more memories in a unique space that many remember for great nights out." 




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