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Frida Forever opens at the ArtScience museum

Offering an immersive and intimate look at the famed Mexican artist's life and works.

Offering an immersive and intimate look at the famed Mexican artist's life and works is the ArtScience's latest installation: Frida Forever. 

Known for their vibrant colours and rich symbolism, Frida’s works of art capture her personal experiences and reflect on her passions, struggles and beliefs across the decades. Primarily painting self-portraits, she often used her own image to engage with powerful topics, breaking boundaries with her raw and unapologetic depiction of womanhood, pain, death, the human body, and identity.  The new exhibition, Frida Forever, looks beyond just her works, to trace her life story and pivotal moments that transformed her and inspired her work, focusing on her impact across fashion, culture, feminism and more.

Nearly 70 years after her death, her works and life still live on, this time in a new form thanks to this innovative exhibition with two distinct parts.

Developed by Layers of Reality and Frida Kahlo Corporation, Frida Kahlo: The Life of an Icon is an immersive biographical exhibition that is making its Southeast Asian premiere. It brings together a unique blend of historical photographs, original films, digital art, interactive installations and 360-degree projections that re-create significant moments of her life across eight dynamic spaces, allowing visitors to experience her visionary world, almost first-hand.

Offering a different perspective to Frida’s story is Laid Bare: Frida’s Inner World, a new exhibition curated by ArtScience Museum with the support of Cristina Kahlo Alcalá, the great-niece of Frida Kahlo. It takes a more intimate look at the person behind the icon, exploring Frida's life through an unconventional lens — her medical history. Delving into her rarely seen archives to uncover Frida’s relationship with her body, her medical ailments, and the profound impact these struggles had on her artistic work, the exhibition includes close to 40 photographs, diary pages, contemporary artworks and medical records.