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How much tech giants like Amazon and Apple make per minute

Hint: it’s more than you or I make


While many businesses floundered during the global pandemic year that was 2020, big tech flourished, with many, like Amazon and Apple, recording record highs in value growth.

So, with that in mind, here is a look at the biggest brands in tech, including Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla and Netflix, filed in revenue with the US Securities and Exchange Council for the past three months, according to CNBC.


  1. Amazon:$837,330.25 revenue per minute in 2021′s first quarter
  2. Apple:$691,234.57 per minute
  3. Alphabet:$426,805.56 per minute
  4. Microsoft:$321,805.56 per minute
  5. Facebook:$201,936.73 per minute
  6. Tesla:$80,162.04 per minute
  7. Netflix:$55,270.06 per minute


Both Apple and Amazon managed to post record revenues which helped to boost the overall average of the seven companies to $373,606 per minute and it seems that the pandemic boosted Amazon’s revenue as they topped $100 billion for the second quarter in a row as global lockdowns gave shoppers little alternatives.

Apple followed Amazon close behind, mainly due to the growth of 65.5% from sales of iPhones that year.

Over at Tesla, Elon Musk’s earnings saw him overtake Amazon’s Bezos as the world’s richest person in January following an extremely successful electric car launch which boosted the companies share prices but it wasn’t to last as Bezos soon overtook him once again.

In a surprising turn, despite the fact that Netflix had a record year of revenue in 2020, 2021 saw a slowing down thanks to a slump in subscriber growth for the first quarter – bad news for the streaming giants but good news that people are finally getting out and about once again.