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How To Achieve Both Luxury And Comfort: SuMisura

The search for the ultimate design nirvana for discerning souls can finally come to an end with a single interior design studio.

The fight for balance between luxury and comfort is a dilemma we’re constantly faced with. But when premium materials like marble are deemed cold, is marrying these concepts even possible?

One interior design studio has found a way to marry both concepts. Conceived in 2009 as an up market interior design division of the Numero Uno Creative group, SuMisura exerts its aesthetic aptitude with unique concepts accommodated to every project and to one’s preference.

We believe the proof is in the pudding and SuMisura’s good work is best seen in the stunning penthouse designs they have come to be known for.

One such project is the One Shenton Sky Villa. Featured as the world’s most glamorous homes 2016 by Design Et Al, the 3-storey, 7000 square foot 5-bedroom sky villa and its pool terrace reflect SuMisura’s adept use of space and clever use of materials to create comfort amid luxury. By juxtaposing natural materials with traditionally cold premium features, SuMisura managed to bring a level of warmth to the design.

The property’s interiors feature columns with wall lamps and chandeliers, adorned with exotic materials. Lavender punch within a palette of neutrals merged with shades of blue paints the walls, reflecting the hues of the sky and sea. The sheer material used for windows allows one to enjoy the best of it all: the exclusive panorama of the city’s sky and coastline, a quintessential experience for penthouse enthusiasts, while cutting out the strong glare of the afternoon sun.

Hallmark Residences Penthouse II is yet another example of the good work SuMisura does. As a 2-storey, 2800 square foot 4 bedroom penthouse, it has a few surprising features. The dining area adopted beautifully handcrafted benches to match with Christopher Guy’s Cote d’azur chairs, an unconventional touch to the typical mundane individual seating permutations. These features which are atypical to formal dining rooms help lighten the mood and cut through any air of stuffiness.

The corridor leads us to the private quarters adjunct to an ensuite and the master bedroom. Wall panels of earthy tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere, also featuring a roof terrace with an outdoor kitchenette that is great for entertaining. Together with the other areas like the study, walk-in wardrobe, white marbled bath and outdoor Jacuzzi, the penthouse is a grand yet balanced work of art —befitting every homeowner’s dream.

SuMisura’s ability to create state-of-the-art designs doesn’t stop there. Its most recent project, Cluny Park Residence, is the only luxury condominium along Cluny Park Road with a view of Singapore Botanic Gardens. The minimalist architecture paired with SuMisura’s bespoke interior design is an exciting collaboration that we expect to see later this year.

With its signature Italian aesthetics and sensibilities, SuMisura fashions its haute designs and decorating services from fashion boutiques in Milan. And with a team of specialised designers creating concepts unique to each project on hand, SuMisura guarantees timeless elegance in every way.


The interior design studio is the appointed showflat ID for the tallest residential building – The Astaka in Singapore and Malaysia when it comes up in 2018, has recently won an International Property Asia Pacific Awards for projects Cardiff Grove and Gramercy Park II (2017–2018); Specifically, Cardiff Grove took Top Interior Design Private Residence for Singapore, while Gramercy Park II received Five Star Best Interior Design Show Home for Singapore. Her other flagship projects such as One Shenton sky villa was featured in The World’s Most Glamourous Homes 2016 by design et al. while her One Shenton Sky Suite was awarded Silver at the HDF Luxurious Projects Asia Summit Awards 2013 under Top Luxury Residential Design.