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How To Celebrate International Women's Day

Who runs the world? GIRLS

I wouldn't say that I am a staunch feminist but I do believe in equal rights, pay and treatment between men and women. My great-great-great grandmother was a member of the Italian Suffragists, and when you look at the movement in those times, you realise how brave the were fighting for things we now take for granted. But, the fight is not over so International Women's Day was created to remind us all to keep fighting the good fight.

So, with IWD falling on March 8th, what can you do to join the cause?

Wear purple

There's a colour for everything and purple has been associated with women's right since the early 20th Century. To celebrate IWD, wear a touch of this cheerful hue, invite friends to wear it and get going with the cause. 

Teach your children

My son, who is five, asked the other day if women can be doctors. An innocent enough question but if you take a look in any toy shop or on any TV programme, you see how early traditional stereotypes are ingrained: girls play with the house toys while boys are doctors and policemen. That gets a big NO from me so to teach our kids about equal women's rights, why not take the time to educate them about some seriously kick-ass women - there are enough of them around to choose from. 

Show your support on social

Why not tag your personal hero, be it a friend, a colleague or even your mum and tell them why you think they are so great and don't forget to tag IWD to help spread the word. 

Take Tea

With the likes of Raffles, Marmalade Pantry and the Intercontinental Hotels all celebrating with a unique afternoon tea set, why not take a friend out for a spot of afternoon tea and treat yourselves. 


Put your money where your mouth is and donate to one of the many charities and organisations helping to fight the good fight. Our recommendations include: 

  • CARE International
  • Girls Not Brides
  • Equality Now
  • Dress for Success
  • Women for Women International
  • Womankind Worldwide
  • ActionAid International
  • Global Fund for Women
  • Catalyst

Play Bingo

One fun game that I played with friends over a bottle or two of vino a few years ago was women's bingo. Instead of the numbers, we pulled amazing facts about awesome women and matched them up. Not only was it super fun (especially after a glass or two) but it really helped learn some great stuff. 

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