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How to fix your smile without breaking the bank

There’s a new kid in town and Smile Direct Club looks set to disrupt the aligner world

There really is nothing quite like a perfect smile, which is why every year, people drop tens of thousands trying to get their teeth straight and shiny. Well, Asia, prepare to put away those credit cards Smile Direct Club offers the same results as traditional clear aligners, at a fraction of the cost. How do they do it? Read on


Could you please talk us through Smile Direct Club? How does it differ to other clear aligner offerings?

With a mission to help people get a smile they’ll love so they have the confidence to positively impact their place in the world, SmileDirectClub makes access to premium teeth-straightening products more affordable, accessible, and convenient.

SmileDirectClub is the trusted global leader in direct-to-consumer clear aligner therapy with over 1 million customers worldwide. We have created 50 times more smiles than our direct-to-consumer competitors.

SmileDiirectClub is:

  • SmileDirectClub is a global and Asia Pacific leader:

SmileDirectClub is publicly listed in the U.S., with one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the US and crossed over 1,000,000 satisfied customers. In Asia Pacific region, SDC has created 100,000+ new smiles since 2019.

  • Local dentist-directed end-to-end plus a panel of network dentists:

Our dentists registered in SGP personally meet with the customers; review and approve every single case and your individual treatment plan from start to finish. Additionally, all customers have access to SDC’s panel of professional network dentists to provide the best support.

  • # Affordable & convenient:

We are one fixed price for all customers, while they can also save up to 70%, compared to traditional straightening methods. This means no hidden costs or increases based on your length of treatment or complexity. SmileDirectClub includes a free scan appointment, dentist consultation, aligner touch-ups, free whitening sample set after scan completion.

Although the company has been running since 2014, you have only just expanded into Singapore. What makes this such an ideal market for you?

As the global pioneer of doctor-directed clear aligner therapy using a teledentistry platform, SmileDirectClub believes everyone should have access to the confidence that comes from having a smile they love. A recent survey revealed that 89% of Singaporeans are concerned about the cost of dental care. As the cost of dental care increasingly concerns Singaporeans, we are confident that consumers in Singapore will embrace the brand’s launch. We are excited to partner with Nuffield Dental Holdings to offer this safe, yet affordable, teeth straightening solution in Singapore.

As a world-class technology hub, we are confident Singapore’s consumers and dental care industry will embrace SmileDirectClub’s innovative teledentistry platform as an affordable and convenient teeth-straightening solution.

Who is an ideal candidate for this treatment?

SmileDirectClub clear aligner therapy is for people who have mild to moderate crowding and spacing issues, and are over the age of 12 with their parents’ guidance. A Singapore registered dentist or orthodontist will review the 3D image of a patient’s smile, photographs of their teeth and gums, and their health and dental information to determine eligibility.

  • One of the USP’s of Smile Direct is the fact that you don’t have to make regular trips to the dentist which obviously is very helpful with the global pandemic. Do you imagine other companies will be swift to act to change their model in line with this?

Over the past five years, dental care has changed dramatically due to the ease and convenience of telehealth even more so just this year as more dentists and orthodontists embraced teledentistry to safely provide continued care to their patients.

SmileDirectClub has helped lead this charge by remaining committed to doing its part to increase understanding, acceptance, and adoption of telehealth. As unfortunate as this pandemic has been, it has really increased awareness for telemedicine, telehealth and teledentistry.

We believe that there will be others that come to market across the spectrum of telehealth, and we are looking forward to the growth of the industry in the coming years.

How are you able to keep your costs less than other providers?

We believe a straighter smile and premium oral care should be accessible to all, so we created the first telehealth platform for teeth straightening and removed extra costs to pass the savings on to our customers.

We have our own manufacturing facility which allows us to keep the price low and produce for an international audience while taking advantage of economies of scale when it comes to materials. We also have our own team of dentists and orthodontists that allow us to keep our professional costs in-house.

SmileDirectClub has a network of over 250 affiliated dentists and orthodontists. Thanks to its vertically integrated business model including proprietary software, inhouse manufacturing quality control and call centre, and a telehealth platform, SmileDirectClub offers a more affordable teeth-straightening solution for up to 55% less than traditional braces.



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