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How to work from home without losing your mind

Daily trivialities have never been more important during this time



There’s no doubt that we are living in strange and confusing times. As the Coronavirus continues to spread itself across the globe, terms like self-isolating and social distancing have now become part of our daily vocabulary. With circuit breakers and stay-at-home notices being made mandatory in many countries, what does this mean for work productivity? How can we make sure we stay efficient and, most importantly, sane, during this period. 

Here’s a few quick tips.


Get Dressed

What once seemed like a natural thing to do suddenly loses its importance, and appeal, during this time. It’s easy to think that no-one is going to see you so why bother but you couldn’t be more wrong. There has never been a more important time to keep to some semblance of routine than during this period. Get up, get washed, brush your teeth – if you simply roll out of bed and get straight onto the laptop, your day never starts and pretty soon you won’t know the difference between day and night. Keeping this simple routine going will boost mental and physical wellbeing, not to mention the fact that living in your PJ’s is really pretty gross when you think about it.


Find your work space

Repeat after me: Do not work from bed. Not only does this get seriously depressing after a while (take it from someone who knows), working from somewhere where you essentially use to relax will decrease your productivity. Find somewhere where you can set up your computer that is ergonomically good and away from the areas you use to relax. And, like you would with your desk at work, keep it clean and tidy, after all, a tidy desk is a tidy mind and all that.


Take a break

Just like you would have a lunch break at the office, take one away from your desk at home. Just like you would walk to get your lunch, take a walk at lunchtime. Take regular breaks even if it’s just to walk round your apartment or stare out of the window.


Stay in touch

Video conferencing and zoom meetings are the new normal but just like you would chat to your colleagues in the office, try and keep it up while at home. Set up a whatsapp group or a google hangout to chat about things outside of work, even if it is just to say how many people you counted from your window today.


Snack Attack

In a month, #quarantinestone will undoubtedly be trending due to the fact that we all can’t get out and about as much. So, unless you want to spend the rest of the year sweating it off in a gym, keep that snacking under control. The main way to do this? Don’t buy them in the first place. Other than this, you can set up a daily schedule of breaks and healthy snacks, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth when you feel tempted (this curbs your hunger) or check in with a friend when you get the munchies.


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