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Is this the most expensive face mask yet?

We ask if face masks are the new investment pieces


In years gone by, gold and handbags and property were seen as investment pieces but with the current global pandemic, has thinking shifted to more day to day items when it comes to investment pieces. With no vaccine on the early horizon, who knows how long we will have to be protecting ourselves with masks and visors so has investing in them as a style piece become the new luxury statement?

Well, Louis Vuitton certainly think so as they have just unveiled their visor that also, handily, doubles as a cap. Retailing at US $700, the shield, made from PPE certified materials darkens in response to direct sunlight going from clear to tinted to protect from UV light and can be flipped up to double as a visor while the studded detail along the edges gives it a certain je ne sais quoi.

Speaking about the very exclusive new release, Louis Vuitton said: “The LV Shield makes for an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective. It seamlessly transitions from dawn to dusk, adding a discreet yet sophisticated touch to one's personal protection."