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Three decanters from one of the world’s most prestigious whisky houses

When it comes to premium whiskies, it doesn’t get any better than the sterling range from The Macallan. Known as the world’s ultimate luxury single malt whisky house, the piece de resistance of their collections has got to be The 1824 Masters Series, comprising of four exquisite flavours in beautiful decanters.

Walking you through three of the ranges, Reflexion, No. 6 and M, they were all crafted by The Macallan Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno and houses in the brands signature sherry seasoned casks.

While each of the decanters house a unique blend and taste, the range takes inspiration from The Macallan’s iconic triangle, leading the whisky aficionados through the flavours to the pinnacle of the range, the M.

Starting the range with The Macallan Reflexion, the smaller casks are influenced by both Spanish and American oak casks to allow for a greater surface of wood to interact with the spirit. When it comes to taste, Reflexion is a perfect harmony of floral and vanilla notes, peppered with fresh apples and apricots. With a strong, bold colour the Reflexion has an entry price of $1,500.

The Macallan No. 6 sees a single malt housed in a beautiful decanter, exclusively created for The Macallan which pays homage to the single malt’s heritage through the triangular facets of the Six Pillars which incorporate the iconic triangular feature. The Macallan No. 6 sits above the Reflexion in terms of pricing at $5,130.

Last but certainly not least is The Macallan M which is the piece de resistance of the collection. Priced at $5,800, it is one of the rarest whiskies made by the distillery and, befitting of its status, comes housed in a stunning Lalique crystal decanter, created by Luxury Director Fabien Baron.

As a sign of its rarity, M solidified itself as one of the world’s most sought-after and collectable whiskies when a rare 6-litre ‘Imperiale’ edition sold in Hong Kong for US$628,000, making it a Guinness World Record for the most expensive whisky ever sold at auction.


Speaking of the collaboration, Silvio Denz, Chairman and CEO of Lalique, said: “Lalique is very proud to have contributed

to the exquisite The Macallan 1824 Masters Series No.6 Decanter. The angular shape of No.6 with its six facets was the outcome of our head designer’s excellent creativity and the work of Lalique’s master craftsmen. This collaboration reinforces Lalique’s long standing commitment to The Macallan and it has been a pleasure to create No.6, a unique object d’art.”

Taking the distilleries use of wood into consideration, the stunning Lalique decanter uses only pure first fill Spanish sherry oak casks and has a rich, spiced flavour, peppered with dried fruit and heady orange groves for a truly unique and intoxicating flavour.

If you want to get your hands on some of these unique flavours then head on over to the stunning Macallan Boutique at 1855 at Marina One.