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Now Showing: Singapore Biennale 2016 and Hermès' Here From Here

Exciting contemporary visual art exhibitions currently happening around Singapore.

    Abstract landscape art by Agathe de Bailliencourt showcased in Aloft at Hermès flagship store.

    Here From Here Art Exhibition In Aloft At Hermès
    Inhabiting the upper floor of the Hermès flagship store in Singapore’s Liat Towers until 5 February 2017, the ‘Here from Here’ exhibition transports viewers to a Japanese Zen garden of materials and mediums. Showcasing recent works by Agathe de Bailliencourt, the art is seen on traditional forms such as stretched canvas, as well as on architectural canvases such as the floor.

    De Bailliencourt likes to alternate between indoors and outdoors, working in open urban spaces and nature, as well as in the studio. The French artist’s latest project at Aloft, one of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès’ five art spaces around the world, melds the two environments.

    In one section, an abstract landscape emerges from a multitude of small, hand-painted stones, that together form a gradient of blue. Facing the cobalt-glaze horizon, visitors are looking at a projection of a past or future world without contradictions.

    “The real horizon is the constantly present possibility of actual change,” says de Bailliencourt.

    The installation, a parallel project of Singapore Biennale 2016, is designed to resonate with the theme of ‘Horizon’ chosen for 2016 by Emi Eu, curator at Aloft at Hermès.

    Singapore Biennale 2016
    The Singapore Biennale has returned with a stronger showing than ever before. Titled ‘An Atlas of Mirrors’, it features works from 63 artists and collectives from 19 different countries across the region.

    The overarching theme of ‘An Atlas of Mirrors’ can be further broken down into nine sub-themes, which help weave the various media together — space, time, memory, nature, maps, agency, identity, displacement and absence. These will be showcased at eight locations around Singapore, with the Singapore Art Museum and SAM at 8Q at the epicentre.

    The four-month-long contemporary art exhibition will feature site-specific installations and works that have been specially commissioned for the Singapore Biennale. For the first time ever, these new commissions will make up more than 80 per cent of the art shown during the biennale.

    One of the artists that is exhibiting at the Singapore Biennale 2016 is Munem Wasif, a photographer from Bangladesh. His ‘Land of Undefined Territory’ forces us to reflect on the nature of maps. It features photographs of barren plots of land that look like they could have been taken anywhere in the world, when, in actuality, they are of the border between India and Bangladesh — one of the most conflict-stricken and disputed borders in the world.

    The Singapore Biennale will run until 26 February 2017.